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 19.Back to the Burrow

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I could go home for a week and then I’d spent two weeks at the burrow. My week at home would have been rather boring. Since we had only moved that year I didn’t had any friends in the street and I didn’t bother trying. Instead I wrote thousands of letters and received even more from Draco and my best friends. But as I had assured Fred, the twins came over for two days too. My father had a lot of laughs and loved the guys. Afterwards he told me he liked my friends. We just joked around two days, I slept on the couch and they got my room. To bad I lived in a muggle neighbourhood, we couldn’t play Quidditch. I hugged both guys before they left. Staying over at my place, just the three of us, had given a very good feeling. Fred and George were lovely guys and once they had let you in there friends circle, you had the best friends ever, for live. So the next days were a tiny little bit depressing. During the second week I was in the kitchen as my father came in. “Say Joan.”


“little question…” he smiled mysterious. “most of your friends got pets right?” I looked up, surprised. I remembered how we had to leave our owl at my aunt, it had broken my heart, but strange enough I quite often hadn’t realized what it was that I missed. “Well most have an owl…yeah.”

“would you like to have a pet again?”

“I’m getting an owl?!” I asked surprised, but excited.



“I’m doubting to give you a dog, but as you know it isn’t that much of a magical creature, so it normally isn’t allowed into school, so I was figuring, maybe a cat?”

“! But…I’d love a dog.”

“he can’t get into Hogwarts.”

“pity” he must have seen my letdown, because he continued: “I’ll talk to Dumbledore.” then he winked and walked to the fireplace. I was a bit astonished. I didn’t know where he’d gone, but decided to start packing, it was only two days until I left to the burrow. An hour later I went down, sat down at the table and took an apple. I jumped up from the chair and dropped my apple as my father appeared again. I chocked in the apple and my father came towards me. ”ow sorry Joan, I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“it’s…kch...ok…kch” after a few minutes, when I was sure the piece of apple was all gone and I’d thrown away the rest, I asked him. “say dad…where have you been?” I asked careful. “your headmaster” he winked and then grabbed my hand to pull me outside, to the street. “Dad?”

“I spoke to him and he thought it was fine for you to bring the dog as long as he doesn’t stay in the castle the whole day, or hunts down other students’ pets. So I figured we can go to the pets shop and buy you a pup. You can train it like you want.”

“DAD!” I embraced him tightly and thanked him over and over again, until we got in the shop. I was overwhelmed by cute puppy eyes and couldn’t pick. The first puppy I liked looked like this.

He was cute and I wanted him, but the other were also cute, so I decided to look at them to. These were the cutest." style="width: 104px;height: 128px" border="0">

I couldn’t pick my final decision was going between the Swiss shepherd and the golden retriever. My father then decide for me, the Swiss Sheppard. When I got out with the puppy I decided to let my friends help me to pick a name and my father thought I was a wonderful idea. So the next days I ran after the little puppy all day and wrote Draco and the others about him. They all were very enthusiastic and when I arrived at the burrow, the little pup got overwhelmed by attention. My father thanked Molly and Arthur and then left. I told myself to, from now on write him at least three times a week. “now guys, you’ll have to help me to name him!” I said.

“just call him Bongo!” Ron said.

“o my god, that isn’t even funny” George said and continued. “Django?”

“Dreamboy?” Ginny said.

“well I asked Harry to and he thought off Mango.”

“Mango? Djees no!” I laughed and Fred continued. “Ploke”

“oe, I like that one. And I asked Hermione and Draco too. Rams, Donking, Mayjin, Lonko, Mesco, …”

“Mayjin is nice.”

“yeah, fits him.”

“everyone agrees”





“ok then Mayjin it isJ

“who picked the name?”

“you guys did!”

“Draco?” I nodded

“ok, good”

After dinner we al went upstairs and talked and played with Mayjin. A couple of days later Harry arrived to. So we got splinted up a bit. Me and the twins and Harry, Ron and Ginny. After dinner we all went upstairs, we were one group to go upstairs, but splinted when upstairs. I took Mayjin with me to the twins room, they played with him and I laid down on the bed. After a few minutes George broke the silence. “Say Joan, you haven’t answered a question of ours for like a month now…when are you going to?” I looked up at him a bit surprised and he smiled. Fred then went on: “ first impressions?”

“ow that…uh” I knew Molly wouldn’t call for dinner now, but it was such an awkward situation. “well…uhm Harry was clear I mean, I heard off him and was very curious.”

“yes of course, but what did you think when you saw him?”

“uhm...well? The papers in America are quite complete you know” I smiled.

“ok, what about Ron?”

“I don’t know…he looked” I stopped, a bit embarrassed.


"dumb?” the twins busted out in laughter and didn’t come by for half an hour.[/font]


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
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19.Back to the Burrow
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