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 7. Getting it back together

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Getting it back together.

The next morning I actually felt happy and made breakfast. Krum was even more enthusiastic. I nearly had to kick him out at noon. “No, I’m sorry, but I think it’s better we first discus it ourselves and then report it to you.” I kept repeating and he kept repeating he wanted to meet the others and immediately start. “You waited ten damn year, I guess a day or two wont make the difference, now go.” George said. Half an hour later the others arrived. I had sent owls to the first team to come by the fireplace. We decided not to ask the second play, which would only bring grieve because of the empty seeker spot, that then might be replaced by Krum. After explaining the whole story everyone was amazed, Ned however was ready, the others wondered why Lucius was involved and doubted.
But by the evening they all were convinced, they were in. They somehow realised this mgt be exactly what I needed to gain the last bits of me back. Hermione was happy as loyal zealot and Lee was also called in as commentator of the new team. Krum, hearing the news was very excited and told us he already had a pitch and all, it was our turn to be overwhelmed and excited again.
Krum had been building on the stage in those years, certain that he’d find me and I’d built him the strongest team ever. So only three days later the entire old first play team was united in a pitch. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, remembering the good days. We didn’t play that day, none of us could, all for the same reason.
That evening I went upstairs and got to my trunk from the little house. It had been a long time ago now since I’d opened it. Now Krum and Lucius had showed up I felt the extreme need to open it. I opened it found all the letters I could still remember word by word. Then I got out Draco’s old cloak. And paper articles which told Hogwarts had won the WC with a group picture of all fourteen players. I and Draco had our arms round each other and the twins’ heads were above mine. I still felt guilty for his death and his face still visited me at night and in some situations. People don’t believe you can grieve for years, well they haven’t been in the situation I have, I was the cause of the death of the boy I loved, but betrayed, we were both playing roles, forced by a different force, against each other. I cried looking at the trunk, but decided, ten years was enough, I now had to go on.
The next day I just got up, kissed Fred, made breakfast and got ready for Quidditch. Everyone was surprised to see me like this, especially Fred. He had supported me throughout the whole time, he had been amazing, he had the right to experience to Joan he ad fallen in love with, not the pathetic one. Fred turned happy as I did the weeks following, he finally got back the Joan he could have fun with, hang around with, make jokes with…it was as if we, George and Lee relived and turned back to our youth. Quidditch went well, in spite of the new responsibilities and the getting older of the team, we still were the people we once were, we didn’t need a lot to become a team again. For Ginny and Harry it was kind of tough, because of the kids, but mostly Hermione played for babysitter.
It was great, we all just had fun and had the same connection we once had. And I, stronger then ever I was certain I’d be leading the newest team of England: Dracon Flights.
With the media jumping on us, it was now ineffable, I’d have to face England soon. A few weeks passed in which we trained twice a week. Krum was rather the head of a new team then a player. He was the organisation and he’d discus dates and all sort of stuff with me, his trainer, the trainer he hired for his team. But rather quickly and possibly having something to do with our sort of brute reaction making clear Lucius Malfoy was no longer tolerated, the media found out quicker then imaginable that three famous people: Krum, Potter and Dhanes were starting a project together.
So after only training for a month and not having organised any plays yet, the three of us got a request for an interview. At our terms this interview was scheduled a week later. The entire team would be there. I was a little nervous that week, but nobody was bothered, on the contrary they finally got the feeling I still cared.
I was somehow afraid to disappoint people, people that believed I was strong, might get to see a week hearted Joan that might startle them. But against all odds, I woke up that particular morning, feeling ready. I got downstairs and smiled, all morning. Fred and George being overwhelmed, looked as if they owned the world and as soon as we met the others, they, just like in the old days, gained confidence seeing me. Heads held up high we entered a small room, there was a large coach in which wee took place. A tall dark haired man greeted us enthusiastically and took place in an armchair across the coach we sat in. camera’s were tuned on and to the smiling man. “Good evening people! Today I have some very special guest for you, with some very special news! Some people who’ve done great stuff and then got less important, somehow. But their names will be in history books, you can be sure of that. No-one less then Harry Potter, Victor Krum and the disappeared, for the first time back again Joan Dhanes!” Then he turned to us, as did the camera’s. “Joan, where the hell have you been?”
“I wouldn’t trust on that to be important”
“haha, but you are, Joan, the rumours that went! People have been wandering!”
“ok, but I think what they’re about to find out is much bigger.”
“And what might that be, Joan?” I swallowed. “Well, it is actually Victors idea..”
“What great idea did you get to impress miss Dhanes so badly, Victor?”
“Well” Krum started with his known deep growl. “I’m planning on starting a new Quidditch team.” The interviewer was a little overwhelmed and started to stutter: “well..uh..waw..that’s…impressive, I guess?”
“There aren’t many great team anymore these days, there only are three and of those not one is has a beautiful play..No pleasure in watching..I think at least.”
“So you think you can do better.” Krum shook his head. “I know Joan can.” I smiled, touched.
“wa..this is indeed big news…An I’m guessing the entire hogwartsteam is in?” Everyone nodded.
The interviewer was flabbergasted and unable to ask us anymore questions. He let us out and we left, before he or anyone changed his mind. The same evening he wanted to reschedule at which I politely answered he already knew everything there was to know. Krum did some interviews, being the founder of a new Quidditch team. So the next days the papers announced the upcoming of an already famous team.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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7. Getting it back together
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