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 21. Home and back again

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“I’m gonna die” Draco said at the morning of departure. “you’re not, cause then you’d have to miss me even longer” I smiled before kissing him tenderly. We got in the train and searched for the compartment, containing my friends. When we found them, we couldn’t really get in. Fred, George and Lee sat at one side, Hermione Ron and Harry at the other and Ginny stood in the middle. “wow lots of people here!” Draco said amazed. Ginny clearly startled and turned around, I saw her shocked face, but when the shock was over I saw her face was wet and sad. “Ginny?! What’s the matter I asked, throwing my arm around her and looking at the others.

“Her boyfriend broke up with her.” Ron said coldly which caused Ginny to cry again. I wanted to shout at Ron, but instead I held Ginny. Ron was busy anyway. Harry kicked him, Hermione yelled “Ronald!” and the twins busted out in to laughter. “8: emotional range of a teaspoon!”

“are you alright?” I asked Ginny, she nodded and gestured she wanted to get out of the compartment. “Where are you going?…GINNY?”

“I’ll go” Harry said and he jumped up to run after her. Draco sat on his spot and I settled in his seat. “ow before I forget Dumbledore gave me this.”

Kammfels- trouchbaniah
trouchbaniah -Hogwarts

trouchbaniah - Beaubatons

trouchbaniah . -Parker

As you know the games were delayed, therefore we now play shorter for a few months…we’ll get there
Albus Dumbledore

“Wow that’s a lot of games at short notice!”

“indeed, but that’s not bad, we’ll do fine, now here you three and Ginny can share a form ok? I’ll find Ned and Harry. Ow Here you go Draco.”

“thanks, I’ll find seconds team play good?”

“wonderful” I kissed him and went to look. I found Ned pretty quickly and he was, as I expected enthusiastic. I had to escape from the compartment he and his creepy fan friends shared. Then after searching half an hour I startled when finding Harry. I found him, but not quite as I expected. He was in an empty, shut compartment, on top of Ginny, who he was kissing most passionate. I was shocked of the view and closed the door again. Then I knocked, which caused a lot of noise at the other side. Then Harry opened the door and probably could read my face well enough to notice this wasn’t my first attempt to get to them. I gave him the paper and went back to the others, realizing Harry was calling my name. Draco arrived back just seconds after me. “What took you so long?” Ron asked

“Had some trouble finding Harry” I answered while nestling myself in Draco’s nap again. Harry opened the door he and Ginny looked inside. “What?” Ron asked because of harry’s face, who now knew I hadn’t told them. “uhm...uh…Well...uhm…there’s something we need to tell you guys…“Harry tried and Ginny, who notice he couldn’t, took over: “we’re together” she smiled. A few seconds of silence and then Hermione jumped up “o guys congrats!” she smiled. I winked and Draco who shook Harry’s hand. Lee and the twins now had there turn, but Ron looked as if he had cramps. “Well the difference in reactions with us...”Draco said laughing

“yea, except for Ron.”

“to bad the compartments are to small even with Joan in Draco’s nap and Ginny in mine it’s to small.” Harry said.

“to bad, we’ll find another compartment” Ginny smiled and took his hand, but Ron all of the sudden reacted fast. “No way, you’re staying here! Hermione can sit in my nap! I don’t care, you’re staying here!” everyone now looked at Ron and after a long silence Ginny said, ‘I can decide for myself thanks, but it isn’t far anymore so..” that way we ended up wit the nine of us in a compartment for maximum six persons. At the station we all said goodbye and I went to my dad who was happy to see me and surprised at the six months old Mayjin. The two weeks with the three of us were just lovely. While Ginny, Harry, Ron and the twins all were together and at the end of holidays Hermione would go there to, but I didn’t mind a bit. I on the other hand didn’t feel bad going back either, so after waving him goodbye, I got on the train. This time I shared a compartment with the twins, Lee and Draco and then Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron shared another. “poor Ron, he can’t stand Harry and Ginny touching each other” George laughed. When we arrived at school I took a walk with Mayjin, accompanied by Draco, of course. And when I went to bed that night I had a weird feeling. A half year earlier I had been depressed, but now my luck was unstoppable. I though had the feeling it’d stop soon…the next day after school we had practise and it all went surprisingly well.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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21. Home and back again
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