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 Chapter one

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I had my arms strongly around Kay, my eyes closed, with the expression of pain I pulled him against me.
Then with tears in my eyes I backed off. “I love you” I whispered. And then I held my mom. After that I
got in the car. My father had put my luggage in the car already and now drove it to the road. I kept waving
until I could no longer see the house. I turned around to face the road and noticed my father looking.
“I have to do this, it’s my biggest chance ever!” He nodded in response: “I know that honey, your mom
and Key do too, but a year is very very long.” Before I could answer, my self phone rang. “Joan Dhanes”
“Hi there girl!”
“I already miss you!”
“ow kay!’… A bit later I hung up the phone. “You’re the only one doubting Joan.” My father said. I smiled
and the rest of the ride we both were in our thoughts. Kay and I had been together for two years now.
We loved each other, but if we’d meet to often we’d fight a lot, this is probably due to my temper, which I, as much as I tried, couldn’t change.
A bit later we got to the airport. My luggage was brought to into the plane and I easily got my horse
off the trailer. She’d been in Quarantine and I didn’t like the look of her. She was way to skinny
to my preferences, but I brought her up in the plane, hugged my dad and got in myself. I’d be
in the plane for a long time so I thought of what the future would bring. I’d signed up to go to
America for a year to study, on the condition that I could take my horse. Turns out, it could even
get better! A famous race horse breeding ranch, in the poses of the best breeding stallion ever,
under the name of Black and co-owner being the most famous jockey of this time Alexander Ramsey,
had permitted me to stay there for a year. I would be a helping hand! I was quite curious though.
Half an hour before landing I took the phone: “Ramsey”
“ow hi, Joan Dhanes here, I…”
“Ow yes miss Dhanes!” Henry and Alec just left off to the airport, they’ll be there soon!”
“ow..well eum ok then, thanks.”
“you’re welcome, see you in a minute”
“yeah, bye” that was weird I thought, but shrugged and moved a long.
When I finally landed, I was told to get my luggage off first and find my transport before I got the horse off.
So when I had my luggage I started looking for the trailer. I found it rather quickly, “Hello?”
“miss Dhanes?”
“eh yes”
“o! pleased to meet you I’m Henry”
“Where’s your horse?”
“Still in the plane”
“So go get her then, I’ll put away your luggage and Alec will help you.” Henry smiled. And so I went.
“Wohw, she ain’t a racehorse now, is she?”
“no” I admitted. “She’s a western horse”
“really? How old is she?”
“trained her yourself?”
“mainly, yeah” He nodded, “cool” We got her on the trailer and ourselves in the car, here I had to answer
the same questions. “ We can put her with Napoleon, He’s the most appropriate company, I guess” seeing
Napoleon a bit later, I must admit I was a bit insulted. Alec clearly had some low expectations,
‘time will show’ I thought.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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Chapter one
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