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 Chapter two

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“Ah miss Dhanes I believe we spoke on the phone” Miser Ramsey greeted me.
“I believe we indeed did” I smiled.
“Your horse all set?” I nodded, she’d gotten her food and was settled in a paddock with an open stable,
so she could still stretch her legs. Madame Ramsey also greeted me and I petted the dog, who stayed
with me all evening. During dinner I again was asked a lot of questions. When his father asked after
my horse, Alec was quick enough to answer in my place: “He looks most like Napoleon.” I turned down
my eyes, it was the only horse I’d seen so far, I knew my horse wasn’t an Arabian, but comparing her
to an over aged colt was actually a bit offending.
“except that she’s only six years old, has a very nice build shape, a special patron and is trained in
western sport.” Henry added before I could. “Cool! You’ll have to demonstrate that tomorrow!” Mr Ramsey
said enthusiastically.
“haha, I will, thank you” I smiled, a bit flattered.
“Say, Joan..How old are you again?”
“eighteen in two weeks.”
After eating I took a shower and went straight to bed. It had been an exhausting day and there were
many to follow.

The next morning Alec’s mom woke me up. “hi darling, come on and have breakfast!” Half an hour later
we all had breakfast. Alec looked at my outfit with a certain disgust, I, again, felt attacked.
I was wearing my boots, with them spears on, long leathern chaps, vest and gloves and a hat. Mister
Ramsey however was enthusiastic to hell, even more when I said: “I’m only wearing it for demonstration”
and I smiled, getting many of those in return.
We got into two cars because Alec parents would go right home after my ‘demonstration’. When we got to
the stable my confidence grew, because of my mare running my direction and calling for me. I went to
groom her and saddled her. I was being watched every movement, by some with fascination, but I was
quite sure Alec was out to find mistakes. To everyone’s surprise I swung up the heavy western saddle.
Then I led her to the ring where Alec and Henry “tamed” the young horses. I got on an did some nice jogs.
Then I said: se recovered better then I thought, she’s still a little stiff though, I did some small circles and
then rode on very collect. Mr and M. Ramsey nodded in pleasing when I rode collect circles and did some
back ups. Then I did a near to perfect spin and a wonderful rollback, even Alec was a bit amazed.
“With those clothes on it looks even better” Henry yelled. While he said that I dropped one of the mares rains,
walked away and pointed at the ground before her. She stood foot and again, amazement was clear.
I put up some barrels, being sure Alec would try to tell my appaloosa’s were to damn slow. I would give him the chance!
Chinook did a wonderful job, she was fast as hell.
“I liked the stop!” Mr. Ramsey said and in the evening it would come up again. They left home and I got the saddle off,
Henry went to get Napoleon and we put the both of them in a pasture. Chinook was excited about the new horse, but
Napoleon was more interested in the grass. She looked at me, I jumped in her direction and in response she jumped
up and galloped through the pasture. She ran all to the back making spectacular jumps, in the and she turned around
and I went sitting, in an amazing speed she came back stopping right on time to slip 6 meters and end up right in front
of me. “hell of a horse you’ve got there, Joan” I smiled “thanks…Alec seems to think different.” Henry looked over to
Napoleon, he reached out to pull me up and said: don’t worry about it, Napoleon is the best thing that ever happened
to his horse, Black.” And then we went of to the stables, to help Alec.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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Chapter two
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