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 32. Then it’s all over

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BerichtOnderwerp: 32. Then it’s all over   wo feb 04, 2009 10:51 pm

Then it’s all over

Fred had guided me to the room were the others were fighting, coming in I just saw Tonks turning around with her arms open, this way avoiding a curse, and cursing right back to the surprised death eater. Voldemort looked at me and smiled, “aahh strengthened already?”
“by love!” I responded and for a second we duelled, but then again Voldemort now whipped Snape to the wall, “I figured since he was with you, you might like him to” but before I could do anything, Harry jumped between us and I ran to Snape. Getting there though seemed harder then expected. All over the place people were duelling, I got to Snape and saw he was hurt, but alive. “professor?” Snape looked up and had a sort of a smile on his face. “he.. He just killed Draco” Snape now had a bit of a shocked expression.
“sorry to hear” I nodded in response.
“are you in pain, professor?” I asked concerned
“I think the headmaster would agree if I told you to call me Severus now, Joan” I smiled and nodded. “you seem a lot like you mother.”
“you do”
“I don’t get it…Severus”
“well you not at all look like your father.” what exactly happened there I don’t know, I just somehow looked up to my father, he was fighting and saw me watching. After paralyzing his enemy he came towards me and Snape “you alright ?“ he asked and I slowly nodded. “Joan, what’s wrong?” I looked up, into his eyes and asked: “do I look like mum?” he was astonished and didn’t answer for then he looked at Snape and his eyes widened a bit. “yeah, you do” I somehow felt like something should be explained, but a death eater changed my plans in asking for it. My father took on him and because my sorrow quite fast was changing into anger, I wanted to revenge Draco, but Harry should defeat him, so I ran to Bellatrix, who was fighting Sirius and Lupin, but Lucius came to help her, he blasted Lupin off and Sirius now was fighting Lucius and Bellatrix. I jumped next to Sirius and fought Bellatrix while Sirius fought Lucius. Sirius and I a few minutes later fought back to back, “you alright, Joan?” he yelled.
“as good as can be, Sirius!” I yelled back and then badly cursed Bellatrix “this is for your own nephew, bitch!” I had thrown all anger and sorrow I had at her and she fell backwards. “good job, Joan!” Sirius yelled and I turned around to help him on Lucius. “hi there, dad!” I yelled in anger, but Lucius didn’t gave anything away. “your own damn son is death, and you don’t even seem to care! I loved him more then you did!” now I did get reaction out of Lucius “What should I have done then? There was more of a chance he’d die if he didn’t do it.”
“don’t you understand?! Your son just died, he just died right in my arms, killed by your “Lord” he died and the last thing on his freaking conscience was to lie to his girlfriend, whom he, if you didn’t notice LOVED!” I screamed, a moment he seemed overwhelmed, but then got probably out of guilt, I thought. When Lucius tried to curse me all of the sudden Mayjin jumped on him and bit him, Lucius seriously hurt managed to get in a fireplace, Mayjin following him and wounding him, until he was gone. Both appalled Sirius and I stood there. “not a magical creature, right?” I said and Sirius smiled, “you ok?” I nodded he threw his arm round me, looked me in the eye and wanted to say something. Suddenly, completely unexpected Voldemort screamed. And everyone looked up, most of the death eaters were defeated and he was getting desperate seeing a smug Harry in front of him. The following event happened to fast to follow or tell, but as soon as it happened we all realised Harry had won and Voldemort’s time was over. Everyone yelled and cheered Harry. After putting Voldemort and all death eaters in a row at the biggest room of the house, with Bellatrix at Voldemort’s right side, Fred and I went back to the room we’d left Draco. Fred shook my shoulder and then kneeled to lift Draco. He carefully carried him back, where everyone’s happy face turned into shock and compassion. I got many hugs, but just wanted to go home and cry for Draco. So it happened, the victory on Voldemort was celebrated, whilst a sort of a funeral for Draco, I cried and cried the entire evening, the next day, week, month. I cried and isolated, because I missed and loved him and I had killed him.

Now, so many years later, writing this all down, I know that every night tears still fall out of my eyes. Everyday I still see Draco Malfoy’s smirk and smile in front of me. And when I think of him I can daydream for hours and whilst smile at it, but always end in pain and tears, because I always remembered his death as good as the beautiful moments we had. While I type these very last words of my story about Draco Malfoy, Fred Weasley’s chin rests at my shoulder. I’d never expected him to accept my sorrow for Draco so good, I love Fred a lot, but still miss Draco. The five days at the burrow pulled me back into my live, Fred did…”it’s been ten years I tell him at the 4th of August, and then he, just as in the old days gives me a hug, now followed by a kiss, I don’t want children, because they’d remind me of Draco, I’m still a bit isolated and still think of my true love, but I have moments of fun, it’s impossible not to, living together with the twins and Angelique. We’re the four owners of the shop, but I’m the only one they barely see. I’m an example of a once so strong girl that is broken to the end. I’m ending the story now, the story of love, true love, that never ended.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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32. Then it’s all over
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