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 29.Final: one last time

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The entire next week passed like this, even now we were a couple of days away from the final, I still was pretty silent at practises. Friday evening we packed our bags, the final would be in a huge stage, because all schools who had entered would be there to watch.
“ok” I said and the team looked as if they were surprised to hear my voice again. “so, we’ve beaten them last time, but very close, they’re well prepared to that, this time. So, to be honest, I’m not sure for the result.” the team didn’t look confident and I knew it was because of me. “But I do know that we are a hell of a team. We’re in the final, something no-one had expected, but we are, because we…are a good team. They’ve got damn fucking kruml? Well sure they have, but we’ve got us, ourselves, all of us, each a wonderful player and together, the best team there is to make of an ordinary school team. We haven’t been defeated once, in the whole competition! We were better then the brutality of Glioscas, the beauty of Beaubatons and hell we were better then the strength of Kammfels! We’ve beaten them once, we bloody CAN do it again!” the eyes of the players got their sparks back as their smiles grew wider. “you guys are just great” I went on “I know I haven’t been with you lately, but today, my friends, we’ll show the world which wood we’re cut out, we ARE the bloody damn best Hogwarts team ever, our school has been through a lot already, so has each of it’s students. And then in specific in this team, we will NOT let us be beaten by a damn popular guy in such a good team, no! I’m telling you we sure can win this!” I made a fist to make my words even more powerful and at my last word the team screamed, screamed in joy, faith, strength and friendship. They were ready, more then ever! Kammfels was released in the pitch first, we heard the yelling of the audience till our dress rooms. “Kammfels has heard our call, they’re scared, more then they dare to admit” I told the first play team. We got in the pitch and we were shinning of confidence. Our heads held up high we flew in the pitch, and which normally only would have gotten into Ned’s mind, now the entire team did at my example. If we were here, winning or loosing, we’d make the best of it! As if we were the luckiest people in the entire world we laughed with a certain arrogance. We flew to the side of the pitch witch contained the Hogwarts audience. I flew first and in a line behind me followed the team, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny and Ned we ended up in a line in front of the stage and bowed, the entire school yelled out his enthusiasm, I smiled at them and abetted them even more. I saw Dumbledore even was yelling, he winked at me and next to him sat Snape, with a proud smile. I flew on again followed by the others to the Parkers stage, there came just as much yelling, they were all at our hand because I was part of them to. We did the other schools as well, down here the opinions were parted. We went back to the middle of the pitch and rested before my team to shake hands with Kruml. “good luck” I said. He looked me into my eyes and judged me, then nodded and groaned: “you to.” I gave little smile and went back to the team. “al set? Go!” the Quaffle was thrown up, the snitch and the bludgers were released. Both of the teams got in the air, fast speed. Ned got the Quaffle and passed it to Ginny. Fred passed one bludger to the beater, who aimed the other bludger towards Ginny, the other beater apparently didn’t really see anything and the first beater was blown of his broom. He was replaced by the second play team beater and the arbitrator wasn’t to though, apparently. The Kammfels team complained, but he didn’t give in, I though gave the smiling Fred a warning look. The rest of the game it got clear Fred an George were more then a bit faster then the other beaters, as our chaser also were faster and Ron better then the Kammfels keeper to. The only Kammfels position that might be stronger then ours was the seeker and Harry was pretty fast to. Each goal that was made, was followed by a tremendous yelling of the audience after an hour it was 210-170, we were ahead, but they still could win. All of the sudden Kruml dived down, I tried to keep focused on the game, the Kammfels clearly weren’t, because Ginny and I each scored during Kruml’s dive. The strange thing was Harry followed the first meters and then held his broom steady, he had read Kruml’s trap and seen the snitch just in time to help him with that. Harry now high speeded followed the snitch. The Kammfels team actually was pretty stupid, they all now followed the snitch in tensions, while we played on, it was to easy, we scored another three times.260-170. “Eight more goals and we’re good” I laughed, but Kruml’s arrear was to big, he got back pretty well, because of his speed, but to late, Harry caught the snitch and we won! The sound following after that was just indescribable, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the stage would have broken down. I, along with the rest off the team flew at Harry to congratulate and hugged him and, well in Ginny’s case, kiss him. After we’d flew some victory rounds in the pitch we went back to the dress room where we hugged the rest of the team, only Draco was forgotten by all, but me, I just didn’t dare going towards him. The rest of the day we all got congratulations from everyone who was present. Life was wonderful, I normally would have thought, but I had to much on my mind right now. Snape had shown me how Draco got forced to cooperate and it felt bad to do the same thing the other way around. “you’d only help him” Snape said. Still it didn’t feel good, but thinking this all and sensing the pure happiness of everyone around I ran to Draco that day, after considering it. Putted my arm round him and kissed him, he immediately grabbed me and fully kissed back. I almost my balance, but Draco held me up on my feet. I felt people watch, mouths fall open. Dumbledore must have smiled a little, while Snape probably looked a bit sad. My friends all must have been in amazement and Fred…was probably happy for me, but confused, I thought. After this we were starting over again. It was a huge party until the early hours. Kammfels what so ever disappeared rather quickly, but the headmaster and Kruml came to congratulate me. When Kruml after that had wanted to go to Hermione, Ron had grabbed her and kissed her at her mouth, he had, astonished of himself, backed off a bit, but Hermione had thrown her arms round his neck and started kissing him back. “Well well” George said “while we’re at it, someone who wants to prove his love to me?” Some people laughed and I, the entire evening walked in the company of Draco, more specific, in his arm. I had the honour of receiving the WC-cup and it would get a monumental place in Hogwarts. After the party we told the other schools goodbye and the 5th, 6th an 7th years along with the teachers continued the party back in Hogwarts. I couldn’t possibly have counted the amount of congrats I got at one evening and one morning, but the next days I, as well as the rest of he team, received letter from all over the wizarding world who admired our accomplishment of beating Kammfels twice in a row. I was overwhelmed and because nobody dared to ask what exactly was going on with me and Draco, the next week made me forget all trouble. Saturday evening, what so ever I reminded myself at my appointment with Dumbledore. While walking to the office of the headmaster I remember how uncertain and almost scared I had been to meet him the first time, but he’d been so friendly that not only my respect increased, but also the fear I had for him, which was a strange aspect. A bit like with Snape really. I knocked at his door and Dumbledore seemed happy “congratulations again with you victory, Joan”
“thank you, professor.”
“and as well for the success in your task, duty or faith.” the weak smile I’d had when walking in disappeared, I looked down and said. “it’s hurting I hope it doesn’t take to long.”
“I’ll have to disappoint you I’m afraid, Harry and I are going to be busy bit further, but Harry is smart, Joan, it might go faster then I’d think myself.”
Like this weeks and weeks passed, just taking classes, still having Quidditch practises for fun, and still together with Draco, although it was quite clear this wasn’t what it had been before. I kept having appointments with Dumbledore, but it were short sessions, from a certain moment, he just let Harry inform me of the facts. I only had one task : keeping Draco. I though didn’t completely understand Dumbledore and decided in the end of May to go and see him again. “I’ve got a question, professor.” He didn’t answer and I knew I just could go on. “the past weeks I’ve not been doing anything, but letting Voldemort believe Draco and I are still together…I wondered, this is not just a distraction, is it? Professor, I mean, this what so ever will have serious consequences and I thought plans were going to made for fighting him…I..”
“I understand Joan, don’t make it to hard on yourself, as the matter of facts, I was going to start this soon. We’ll start planning and you need to get to Manson Malfoy this summer, because then you’ll be forced to get to Voldemort. And then we can get there and make our battle.” I nodded and Dumbledore went on. “try to already puzzle a date for that, ok?” I nodded and before I could ask anything else he said: you look tired, Joan, get some sleep.” and before I knew I was chased out of the office.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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29.Final: one last time
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