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 26. Let’s just move on further.

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The next morning I succeeded in waking up happy. And went to classes without any trouble. Draco apparently had managed to land up in hospital wing. So I didn’t need to avoid him, but my heart cried out the need to go and visit him. It was clear Snape was working on something and he was to busy to take out two hours for me but Tuesday evening he showed me one memory again. “This is a memory of three months ago ok, only a short one, but I don’t have anymore time, ok?”


Snape was back at Voldemort again, “Where is he anyway?” I asked, but Snape wouldn’t answer. “aaah Severus… you probably remember how I was telling you how stupid Harry, because of old Dumbledore believes love is the solution to all?”

“yes I do, sir”

“Well, young Joan, probably thinks the same, but what if Severus, what if we use that, for once let love be the solution..” I saw the “memory-Snape” stiffen. Apparently and luckily Voldemort didn’t. “sir?”

“out of your bounds, Snape, I’ll discus it with Lucius, of you go.” And Snape left. We were back in the dungeons and while chasing me out Snape said: “no more time today, I discovered something important, go!” The next day Draco apparently was out off the hospital wing he sometimes smiled at me and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back, I just loved the damn boy so much.

“ok” I said that evening in the Quidditch dress room. “Dumbledore got me something this afternoon you all may like, of course it’s no surprise for you all that we’re on to the next round.” both the teams screamed, but not to overwhelming. “there are two other schools with us.”

“Kammfels!” Ned said.

“yes, Ned, Kammfels. And Parker. We lost nothing, Kammfels one, Parker two, beau batons three and the other school all.”


“indeed, I’m sure we’ll win from week, wait...this weekend we‘re going to America. Then they play against Kammfels, they’ll probably lose two times, if they do it’s final in three weeks, us against Kammfels.

“cool! We can win the WC!”

Not to soon Ned, we’ll practise now ok, for among others your aiming in penalties.” it was effective to attack him like that, cause he remained silent for the rest of practise. Thursday Snape called me at his office again. “I can’t show you everything I wanted to show you, but it should be enough.” We dived into his memory to Voldemort again, “do you understand Severus.”

“I do, sir.”

“Sir, o I’m sorry to disturb you my lord.” Lucius seemed scared a bit but Voldemort easily asked what was wrong. “sir, my son, he heard us talking about the girl…he knows were using him as a way to her.”

“how exactly could that happen Lucius?” I felt how Snape took us further and passed a piece, I suddenly realised Snape should be very good in adapting the memories, but I felt this all really had happened.

“tell me Severus, how’s your relationship with Joan?”

“just teacher-student, sir”

“nothing special?”

“not really”

“Lucius tells other..”

“Well she indeed is special, and I can’t deny I’m intrigued, but she’s just a student.”

“ok, I belief you, I know she’s special Severus, she had an amazing impact on people. Now go, I need to solve something else.”

“now quickly back to the common room, Joan.”

“What, eh ow, but…”

“think of it, if you can’t answer the questions yourself you can ask me.”

But I didn’t because the next day we left to America: “JOAN!!” Janice, Amy and Leyla flew round my neck.

“hi girls” I laughed. They were all talking together and only half got through. “hi there Joan.”

“ow frack off Stan” Leyla said.

“excuse me, I think I have the same right to greet an old friend.” I knew all my friends were watching and Stan reached his hand to pull me from behind Leyla, Amy and Janice, I didn’t take it, but stepped towards him.

“hi Stan” I said.

“Joan” he whispered “I’m happy to see you.” In spite of my cold look, he putted his hand on my neck I quickly wanted to step away and hit him, but didn’t even got the chance. George had taken Stan’s shoulder, he’d let me go and looked behind him, when turning back Fred hit him in the face. Stan grabbed is painful nose and ran away. “bastards!” he mumbled.” you came close dude, close, but no cigar!” George yelled after him. Fred turned around and looked at me in all concern “are you alright?” he asked and softly held my shoulders, I smiled and nodded. “he touched my neck, he didn’t rape me or anything..”

I knew Stan must be in pain Fred had hit him hard and the rest of the day it remained the talking subject. Draco came to me and kissed me in my neck and then walked on. I looked down, knowing questions would come “Jo..” I looked up and saw Ron looking at Fred, his eyes were wide, the expression was clear “don’t ask, she doesn’t want to talk about it, mind yourself, cause you can end up like Stan.” I smiled at Fred, who looked at me in concern, but realised it and smiled and then looked down. I was appalled of that, a reaction I hadn’t quite expected.

The next day it was Quidditch match, Stan couldn’t play. This morning he has let the headmaster know that he “didn’t feel that good” Janice laughed. We all laughed along, “our headmaster wasn’t happy though” Amy giggled. “you guys will win and we’ll see the final, girl, I promise we will.” Leyla winked. Then they got to the tribune, accompanied by Lee and Hermione. Fred, George, Ron, Harry and Ginny followed me to the dress rooms. A couple minutes later we got out of them and into the pitch. We overwhelmed Parker, nicely said. “We blasted them over!” Ned said afterwards.

“like totally!” Ginny now even smiled.

“this was worse then Hufflepuf last year.” Ron laughed. It was, we ended up 680-40 and then Ron most of the time had been sleeping. Afterwards we said goodbye to Janice, Leyla and Amy. Stan didn’t dare on coming outside and Hogwarts left in glory. When we arrived at Hogwarts, Mayjin came running towards me, the cup was about a year old now and he was strong. I was appalled when I heard Draco calling my name. “Want to go for a walk around the lake?” he just all of he sudden stood there and asked that as if the past time was just a silly dream. I without thinking looked at Fred, who had been looking at Draco and now quickly looked at me. I couldn’t read the expression on his face. As if there was something to hide, then I looked back at Draco, who was ,now canting his head. I loved him and a piece of me so badly wanted to go with him, but I got scared, not only be cause of Snape, but he just reacted so strange, it had been a week since he’d kissed me the first time again and I hadn’t heard him then, so there was confusion and now all of the sudden he…I was confused and felt how I nodded my head. He smiled and grabbed my hand. We walked half way the lake when Draco stopped walking. “What?” I asked.

“What’s wrong with us?”

“how do you mean..”

“you know what I mean”

“well you’re the one who broke up.”

“but I know it was a terrible mistake, I want it back.”

He sighed and sat down, head in his hands. “Joan.”

“shht” I answered and sat down near him. “I still love you” he looked up and searched my face. Then he, carefully as if it could be broken any time he lifted his hand and putted it in my neck to kiss me. I was so overwhelmed that I just let it happen and then decided to kiss him back, I knew I still was hurt by the loss of him, that I still loved him and that I hungered for his touch, so I decided not to break this, but be careful afterwards. I kissed him back and as answer he kissed me more passionate, I threw my hands round his neck and tried to fill the longing of the past weeks. Running our hands through each others hair, we apparently were moving cause all of the sudden I fell. Draco hesitated, but I didn’t gave him the time to ask anything, but pulled his head down and kissed him. He easily was pulled down and kissed like never before, the feeling I had was indescribable, the need and passion was overwhelming. While kissing me I felt his hand go down…


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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26. Let’s just move on further.
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