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 25. An other opinion sweet.

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BerichtOnderwerp: 25. An other opinion sweet.   di feb 03, 2009 10:36 pm

I ran into his office without knocking and Snape turned around and looked at me with a shocked expression. “Joan!”

“he kissed me, he misses me…I don’t know what to do and I” I said fast.

“What?” he asked and began to walk around in the room. I sat down, suddenly calmed down. My thoughts even were able to wonder off. I watched Snape walking up and down and realized I indeed looked a lot like him, except that I apparently was good in Quidditch, a girl and by some founded pretty. But He was one of the best occlumenses to be found, and I was good in it to. We both did have this strong authority and weird, not to be explained obsession for each other. This probably was creating a queer bonding, making it possible to do more then shot minds from each other. In a way he was a feature image of me, which gave a result in understanding. Weird though, but just as I solved one of the mysteries that followed the both of us, Snape looked up. He looked in to my eyes and gave the impression he’d worked something out. A really strange thing happened next. He must have seen and guessed the same as I and at the moment we both realised the other had as well. It was a short moment of surprise and unbelief, in silence. After we’d gotten over the shock, the bounding would only become even stronger.

He walked to the pensieve and didn’t say a word, didn’t make a nod or gesture to say, but I just felt it was right, to come. “ok” he said, “let’s figure it out” and we dived into one off his memories.

“please Severus” It seemed as if Dumbledore wasn’t pleading at all, but just kindly told him he would go and do what he‘d just asked. Snape bowed his head and nodded. He went outside the office, outside the castle and in to Hogsmeade to aparate. I was shocked by the next image, a tall man, white skinned and having the expression of a snake looked at us. “ahh Severus” he said with an unnatural voice. Snape bowed deeply and I was disgusted, but hurt as well to see and looked away as I heard Snape answer. “my lord.”

“come Severus” I was still looking at the other direction, preparing myself to look at Snape, treated and handling like a sick dog. Snape putted his hand on my shoulder, “come on” suddenly straightened, we followed Snape and Voldemort. Snape all of the sudden didn’t seem to have to be my teacher, but a friend, ready to drag me trough this.

“and? Severus.”

“Well, Potter still is at Hogwarts, sir and he’s still best mates with Dumbledore.” this time Voldemort seemed disgusted “the old fool” he whispered in disgust. “What about his new friend, Snape?”

“new friend, sir?”

“yes, new friend, Serverus, Lucius told me Harry has a new friend...a new student.”

“ah ow the new student, yes they appear to get along.”

“hmm, the stupid boy, thinking love solves all, just like Dumbledore…get me information about this new friend, Severus.” I saw Snape swallow before he answered, and the other Snape baled his fists. “I will, sir.”

The memory faded and we got back into Dumbledore’s office. I could sense it was the same evening, but we just jumped a head a bit. I thought, and since the connection we had since shortly knew pretty sure, something happened underway, not for my eyes.

“Ah Severus, how…”

“don’t ask me to do it again professor.”


“no, you don’t understand, he’s going to use me to get to Joan.” he looked real concerned saying this.

“Joan Dhanes?” Dumbledore asked in a clear amazement.

“yes, professor” Dumbledore stared at Snape for a while and when this one didn’t look away, down, or didn’t seem to be planning on leaving before there was a solution. Dumbledore turned around and began to walk up and down the room, thinking. Not looking at Snape, who was looking at him, he asked: “What does he want to know?”

“just information, he heard from Lucius that she’s friends with Harry” There was a long silence before Snape went on. “seems like the relationship between Joan and Draco isn’t as positive as I had hoped.” Dumbledore said, thoughtful. It seemed to me, and I know it did to Snape to, that for Dumbledore this was bad, because he’d made a mistake, not because I, by any mean could be in danger. “go to sleep, Severus. It’s late, we’ll figure it out.” the memory faded into the next. “We’re two weeks later” Snape whispered, as if the memory was fragile. “I think I figured something out, Severus, but I need certainty. So I need you to go back to Voldemort. You’ll have to talk about Joan and we can’t lie because of Draco.”

“What about Draco and her?”

“for now this isn’t bad or anything, Severus, let them love each other.” All of the sudden we were at Voldemort and Snape told him my name and history. Weeks forward now Snape was telling Dumbledore about Me and Draco and how we had trouble, he told the whole history and also showed him the solution of that. Then we popped into a memory that shocked me more then the ones before. Dumbledore sat in his big chair and looked…depressed it was a weird image, which didn’t last long, but too long for my opinion. “I’m going to endanger my students am I not, Severus?”

“there’s a possibility, yes” The expression on Dumbledore’s face turned into amusement. “you’re inspired by Joan aren’t you.” Snape just nodded and went on. “What happens next?”

“to be completely honest, I don’t know. Go to sleep Severus, we‘ll se, ok?” We were standing back in Snape’s office. I looked around in misunderstanding. “What happened, Where’s the rest?”

“Well, we left the case, so did the Dark lord, until a couple of weeks ago, but it’s late and you should get some sleep.” I wanted to resist, but felt tired and so told him goodnight. I couldn’t easily get to sleep, but succeeded after hours of thinking. The next days I amazingly well seemed to be able to avoid Draco. So when it turned Friday evening Kammfels came to us. It were all tough guys ofcourse, but like Glioscas they seemed all to be looking for a girl. It was quite funny, this would be the match between two schools, with the most famous students: Harry Potter and Victor Kruml. Waking up Saturday morning was hell, I felt terrible, not knowing why. I’d been thinking of Draco, Snape and…Stan that night. Stan had sent me another letter.
Hi Joan,
Don’t be mean on me now Joan, we both know it was impossible for me to see you back then! I just don’t know how or why, but I all of the sudden feel like I’ve loved you for all my live and you always just slip away. It makes me sad though, I think of you a lot…why can’t we be together Joan? The blond guy doesn’t love you, Harry has a girlfriend and I don’t believe one of the red-haired guys is good enough for you.

I didn’t read the rest of the letter, but threw it away. “Son of a bitch“, I thought, “who the hell does he think he is?!” Still feeling miserable I putted myself on the side of the pitch instead of at Chaser position. But after half an hour I was fully focused on the game and cursing at my reserve player, I called for time-out and got on my broom.

“I’m sorry Joan.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, I’m just not good today” I rolled my eyes and got into the air. We played well after that, as if the team held their straight out of me. Harry dived, followed by Kruml exciting. Kruml managed to grab the snitch a second earlier, which resulted in 450-450 “PENALTIES!” Lee screamed happy. The entire stadium was build in tension. Ron took place at the goals and a strong, big guy threw the Quaffle. “Ron catches!” Lee screamed. I smiled, I knew my training did had a lot to do with that. If he catches the ones hit by his brothers, he sure can catch a thrown ball by a tall guy. The other keeper now was in the goal and Ned threw. “o what a pity! I mean the Kammfelskeeper catches!” a yelling surrounded the stadium, but another soft, tension building noise when Ron came back at the goals. The next Kammfels player was a mean one and scored. The noise was becoming to much almost, but even more When Ginny scored. Ron caught the last penalty of Kammfels and I for the first time in my life felt really, really visualised. The entire stadium looked at me. I closed my eyes and thought away all, the silence in the stadium was amazing. I thought of all I’d thought of the past days and when opening my eyes, I looked straight into the ones of the keeper and faster then I myself, or he imagined I threw the ball, the keeper moved when the ball was in. He was astonished, as was everyone, but when it was clear I’d scored the stadium went wild. Kammfels normally always won the WC junior. They had never lost. “Danes, Danes, Daneeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!” I heard my name everywhere and got happy of it.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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Aantal berichten : 369
Leeftijd : 27
Woonplaats : Stekene/O.L.V.Olen
Registration date : 21-01-09

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: 25. An other opinion sweet.   di feb 03, 2009 10:37 pm

The headmaster (not Karkarov)of Kammfels came towards me that evening. “you’re Joan Danes I assume?”

“yes I am.”

“you’re the girl of the winning goal?”

“Well each goal made in the match caused our victory, but I made the last one yes.”

“ahh, you’re humble aren’t you?” he didn’t need an answer and went on. “it was a really fascinating goal though, I haven’t quite seen one like that.”

“Well thank you...I think”

“haha, congrats by all means, miss Dhanes it was a pleasure meeting you. Tell me now, where can I find your captain?”

“Well a pleasure for me to, sir and uemh I’m captain, sir.” the amazement was clear on his face and he wasn’t able to recover entirely cause he answered in a shocked voice.

“ah! Haha, well, really?”

“yes, is it weird to see a girl as captain, sir?”

“no, no, now you say so, they told me Hogwarts had a girl captain, beside of Beaubatons, you’re the only one! But it’s strange, because I thought you were the reserve player!”

“Well I can understand the confusion there” I said smiling. “I didn’t feel that good, so started as reserve, but the team was, hard to say, but they were lame. So…”

“haha, you’re one in a kind miss Dhanes” he said surprised and then waved his hand to a guy of Kammfels, who now started coming our way. “We’ve never lost in all WC’s miss Dhanes, you’re the first to defeat us. You’re a good captain.”

“Well, you were our strongest contestant.” I smiled and the man started laughing, “funny to” he mumbled, meant. “this my dear is the pride of my team” he said when the guy, he had called, arrived. “Victor Kruml. As you have yourself and of course Harry Potter.” the big, gruffly guy shook my hand. “This, Victor is the girl of the winning goal. Kruml first took a look of me and then nodded “good goal, congrats.” I forced myself to give him a little smile “thank you.”

“She’s also the captain of the team.” Now the expression on Kruml’s face changed he looked right in to my eyes ‘you’ve got a very, very good team.” he said and I nodded, I heard from Hermione you’ve trained them like that.”

“oh no, I mean, there all good from their selves as well!”

“yes, she said that, but she said, you made them, much, much better, she said it’s because of you, Ron caught two out of the three penalties. She said you made your chasers that fast, and your beaters are so precise, because of you. She said, you would deny it, but you are a great captain. So don’t deny, I know” he even gave a smile after that last one and I looked down, overwhelmed by the kindness. “With a captain, like you we’d probably be better then you, I know I’m not a good captain.”

“but you’ve got a great team!”

“not good enough”

“if we’re your only loss, then you’ll pass the round”

“yes and play to you guys again, you’ll play from the start and we’ll lose again.”

“don’t know that”

“by the way your seeker is incredibly fast!” he said after a pause.

“what? Oh Harry! Yeah he is, he’s a natural.”

“Harry, Potter right?”


“Well, well.” he smiled. But then a voice sounded throughout the entire school: “Kammfels, we’re leaving.”

“Well, got to go, first see Hermione, I hope to see you again uh..”


“yeah, I hope to see you again, Joan and good luck, I’ve got a feeling the finals can be you and me” he added, laughing and thereby surprised me, “We’ll see, good luck to you to”

He shook my hand and went searching for Hermione. After shaking the headmasters hand for half an hour they left and I went up to the common room. I hadn’t seen Draco anymore, but I didn’t really care, because I wouldn’t have an idea of how exactly I should react. I saw my friends all sitting together, it was becoming quite rare to see this, since the twins and Lee had other interests maybe. “Hermione!” I screamed when I got in and I saw Fred toughed she’d did it again. “you’re awesome” and I hugged her shortly, “I didn’t know you felt that way” I giggled, “there I stood, turning all red” I now laughed, Hermione laughed with me” o well!” We didn’t get by for a long time, because of the others’ faces. After a lot of explaining and telling and stuff Fred asked me to talk to him for a second. I went with him, and he looked seriously. “I saw you and Kruml”


“So did Malfoy…he appeared to be shocked.”

“but..what? how the? Nothing…”

“he said something though, thinking aloud.”

“and that was?”

“I think he said, how dares she or he..”

“What?! But nothing happened.”

“I know Joan, I just wanted you to know, I don’t know, why or how he said or meant it.”

“pf, thanks Fred.”

“that’s alright, you know it is.” I gave him a smile and told him goodnight and all of the sudden because I felt for it I gave him a kiss on his cheek as a goodnight kiss. I’d never done that before and I knew he startled, but it didn’t feel bad at all.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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25. An other opinion sweet.
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