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 24. All things happen

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BerichtOnderwerp: 24. All things happen   di feb 03, 2009 8:34 pm

The rest of the week Snape acted like nothing happened. Draco didn’t speak, nor did I, but I observed. My heart still cried. I looked like nothing happened to other people, I acted like I did before, but there was an empty feeling inside me. I sent back the owl on Thursday already, because he had recovered real fast. Sunday an other owl brought answer.

Hi Joan,
He did what?! How?why? I mean you guys seemed like no-one could ever get you apart! He seemed to really, really love you! I’m sorry to hear that! :s you keeping up alright? Tell Fred I love him for watching you like that! I let Amy and Leyla read the letter as well, so they could answer to
Bye love,

Hi Joan,
I’m sorry for you! You guys fit great!L by the way say hi to Ginny she was real cool to me and keep you head up girl!! Bye, see you soon, I hope

That’s terrible! I can imagine I’m not making it any better, but if you feel the need, cry! Feel the need? Scream! Really, let it out girl, you have the right to cry, definitely! Not all tears are bad. I won’t say you have to forget him, cause you don’t, remember the good things and it’ll be easier to move on!

P.S: Stan got to your letter, we’re sorry, but couldn’t help it, don’t be shocked if he sends you a letter to! SORRY!!

I was crying, but comforted at the same time reading it. I’d just hidden it away when Fred came to me, he was laughing with a joke of George and grabbed my shoulder to go with them to the lake, we always took Mayjin out with the four off us since Draco didn’t anymore. I looked up and just as he looked at me, still laughing, I was shocked by the speed of his expression turning from the one to the other. All of the sudden he looked concerned. “Joan?”

“just…got a letter, no big deal.” and gave him a little smile, which gave a way it was a big deal. He pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me. “you cry, girl, you just cry.” I held on to him and indeed cried, partly because of his affection. He pressed me against him and really gave a warm feeling. “ok, Let’s take Mayjin out.” I smiled and so we did. The four of us walked outside, round the lake. Mayjin cheerful walked aside us. “Soon Dumbledore will tell me to let him outside alone and keep him out of the castle during classes”

“he’ll wait a bit.” George smiled. Dumbledore knew about me and Draco and knew Mayjin was a comfort. We walked back to the castle and I went straight to my dormitory, were an owl was waiting for me. He had a letter…from America…probably from Stan I thought and didn’t open it, but didn’t throw it away either. When I couldn’t get to sleep I decided to read it, not making me sleep any better, at all.

Hi Joan,
Long time no seen, and then I don’t count last time, because all had our difficulties. You for instance had this jerk hanging round you, I’m sorry to say, but he doesn’t seem the guys for you. I heard he broke up with you? Hope he didn’t hurt you to much? I’d certainly hurt him then! No-one, boyfriend or not, should hurt my little Jo. I still love you, more then anything Joan, I hope I’ll see you soon, do respond please, I know this might hurt, but…please.
Your Stan

I couldn’t sleep better at all so decided to answer it.

Hi Stan,
Surprised I hear you! Yeah he did, well these things happen, I’ll need some time, but I guess I’ll get over it. Thanks for the sweet words, too bad you live in America and I live in England, and also too bad this didn’t come when I still was in America..

There, stupid fuckhead, I thought. Gave it to the owl and let him decide when he wanted to take it back. Mayjin jumped on the bed and sooner then excepted I fell asleep.

The next morning I felt even more miserable because of Stan. I though managed to think of Quidditch, the game against Kammfels was the week afterwards so it wasn’t that hard. But in this week before the game it happened, it made me quite incapable of playing Quidditch. I had been at the edge of the dark forest with Mayjin and when I came back a blond boy was waiting for me. “hi there, Joan” I stiffened. And looked at a guy being a taller then me, blond and staring into my eyes with his own, green grey ones. “uh..Hi...Malfoy”

“What? Draco isn’t good anymore?” he asked at a teasing tone, which stabbed through my heart in every word.

“Well…I see you’re all happy, why would you care how I call you?” I said while trying to walk towards the castle, but he just walked with me. “ohh, you’re hurting me, like you give a frack, hanging around with your best mate. Damn girl, why don’t you go standing on the Gryffindor table and kiss him!”

I stopped walking, with tears in my eyes “WHAT?! You’re over-line! you’re the one who broke up and doesn’t give a frack! And I’m the one, who’s bloody hurt, who was bloody stupid enough to love you so much and who NEEDS bloody comfort for it!!!” I screamed. But I was shocked to see a smirk appearing on his face.

“you love me, don’t you?”

“no, as the matter of fact I hate you!”

“sure you do” he said and then all of the sudden grabbed me and kissed me, needing. I wanted to reject, but I couldn’t, I loved him to much. “Joan?” he whispered, eyes closed, as were mine. “hmm?”

“I still love you...I miss you” without wanting to I just had to think of Snape. “but..”

“shhht, please” and so I did and let him kiss me again.


“Fred?” I asked coming up in the dormitory. He immediately jumped up. I sat down and he came sitting next to me. I told him what had happened and saw his hand becoming a fist. “I don’t know what to do” I pled, “I love him, but it seems so..”


“well…yeah, in a way..” he sighed and stared in to the room, thinking.

“I don’t know Joan…I really don’t know..”

“I’m going to Snape”

“what? Snape?”

“yes” and I ran to the dungeons.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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24. All things happen
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