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 22.An other match

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BerichtOnderwerp: 22.An other match   di feb 03, 2009 12:34 am

We trained hard and while we practised, other people were cleaning the pitch and tribune. And then finally the fourteenth of January, the girls of Beauxbatons arrived. In spite of their beauty they appeared to be very nice girls. After dinner one of them introduced the team and they appeared to be surprised that I, as a girl, was captain. We both saw the first and only other female captain. They slept in the great hall and the next morning during breakfast we laughed. The game would be totally different then the one against Gliocas we thought, this will be just nice. It wasn’t like against Gliocas, but the girls had the element of surprise. They were amazingly fast, they must be training on speed I realized after the sixth attempt to goal and still being 0-0 thanks to Ron. But we trained on it too so, Ginny got the Quaffle, she got it by luck, but still we decided to use it and not let it be thrown away, I flew to the other side of the pitch. I heard a bludger going to Ginny, she passed to Ned he was faster then I’d ever seen him before. He passed and I scored without to much difficulty, since their keeper actually sucked, because my shot wasn’t good at all. Realizing the lack of capacities of the keeper we got our spirits and hopes back. Lee was screaming for the entire pitch, “WHAT A GAOL! MUST HAVE HURT FOR THE PRETTY GIRLS! BUT THERE THEY ARE AGAIN…THE’RE FAST, PEOPLE! BUT WOOOHOW OUR OWN PRETTY GIRL JOAN IS JUST AS FAST SHE’S GOT THE QUAFFLE? NED? GOAL!!!AGAIN? TWO TIMES TO THE GOAL TWO TIMES IN!!!DHANES IS OUR LITTLE HERO, PEOPLE!!” and I was amazed the effect of his yelling. Suddenly entire Hogwarts was singing out load, Gryffindor as well as Ravenclow, Hufflepuf, but even Slytherin was singing.

“Dhanes is our little hero

She made others look zero

She led us all to victory

These are an other story!

Glioscas as a second match

There weren’t many balls to catch!

O hell did they train

It almost cost their brain

Say Dhanes can stay much longer

We’ll never let her go, no not for a million dollar!

She made our team look much better and fitter

She sure isn’t just a babysitter!

Like this we’ll win!

Let come the rest

She hammers them in al by herself

Yes she’s in our top-shelf!”

I was amazed, but didn’t remain it to long since Harry and the Beauxbatons girl took a dive. The girl was fast, but comparing to Harry.. Harry dived lower then the girl dared, she just was no match for him. I felt sorry to blast off the girls, that had been so nice, like this. But they didn’t mind, they were disappointed, but assured me they didn’t feel bad losing from us. “Hogwarts is right Joan, you’re a little hero, you’re team is very good.” their captain told me. We waved when they left and then went on practising, studying and of course Draco and I kissing, well Ginny and Harry to probably. Ron still didn’t like it, I never thought of why it was I thought he was just being older brother. But Draco appeared to be thinking he was jealous. I didn’t break my head upon it, since two days later Snape told me to stay behind in class. “Lucius is involved” he whispered and then pushed me out the classroom to let his other students enter. Not knowing what the hell he meant I walked on to my next class. At the door Mayjin was already waiting, he was getting a bit older and never liked the potions nor the dungeons so this class he always skipped, soon the others would follow. “he’s becoming a nice and loyal dog” I thought, but then my thought wondered back to Snape’s words. I didn’t get to much time to think though, because that very evening we had to leave to Morocco. It was the first match that actually was thrilling. The previous matches had been exciting, but we’d always won easily. These guys were dawn good and we weren’t used of their weather of course. Luckily Harry is a hell of a seeker, we won… 170-180 it was close and our contestants weren’t really happy, that was pretty clear. But all in all we were happy to be back at Hogwarts the next week. It was the beginning of February and this month we’d play to my old school, it made me happy, but nervous and almost scared. If there was one school I really needed to win from, it was Parker! So the two weeks that rested us, we trained, trained and trained, at the end I stopped, in order not to break the team. Friday, in the weekend they’d come Snape spoke to me again. “Remember what I told you?”

“yes, but I don’t get”

“you didn’t think off it to much did you?”

“no, but that’s because of the Quidditch and all”

“there are more important things then Quidditch in life, Joan!” I startled of his sudden anger and didn’t answer. “I’m on this since last year, when I didn’t spoke to you about it, you seemed more interested Joan! While now it is becoming important!”

“professor I…”

“Shut up!” I looked up, he must really be angry, his dark eyes were indeed drowned in madness and he continued. “You should show respect for the people who are trying to help you Joan! Lucius is involved and so are you!”

“what do you mean? how come me? How can I possibly…”

“BECAUSE you come from America, new in the country, so is your dad, he’s a grown up, good wizard, hell your dad is a hack of a wizard Joan, the problem is that our Dark Lord knows it to, thinking you guys only heard off him he wants to trick you guys in.”

“What? But”

“Lucius has always been a death eater Joan, don’t you see it coming?!”

“But, NO! you’re wrong!”

“well if I am then it isn’t your dad he needs, but Harry or them both, he’s going to use you as a gateway Joan!”


“don’t you see it yet? Lucius’ very own son is your boyfriend! Yours! A Gryffindor, we all have been fools, we’ve been naïve, do you think he can truly love you? You think…”

“noNono stop! Stop it! Draco loves me!”

“yes and his ow so true love even forces him to hang out with Gryffindors and stand in the way of is father?”

“STOP! You’re wrong!”

“I’m not Joan, one way or another.. You’ll become the gateway” I looked up, tears falling down my face, I was shaking. “no” I whispered. I got up, looked into his mad eyes and asked “are we done professor? Mayjin is waiting” his face got a bit of a shocked reaction, “at least think of it, Joan, I’m not your enemy!... you can go” I nodded and stormed straight to the common room. I cried, I didn’t believe him. I stopped crying and started to think Snape tried to do best for me, but he could be wrong, he was wrong. Draco’s love was true, he’d fight against his father. It was true love. I thought of it when I told him we couldn’t be together, he’d look terrible, he loved me! I decided and in the evening I met him, I knew he sensed something was wrong, but he better didn’t ask, so he didn’t. the next morning the Parker students arrived. “JOAN!” a screaming came from one of the girls that spotted me first. I smiled and waved. Draco, the twins, Lee, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny were standing with me and I felt happy like this. All of the sudden I got overwhelmed by my American friends. “help” I peeped. I introduced the girls to my new friends. They all were excited but I startled hearing, “Joan?” I turned around and looked into deep brown eyes. “eu ow hi Stan.” he was standing way to close to me. I’d always had a crush for him, but he had always had a girlfriend. And in the end when he began to notice me, we couldn’t get together since I was moving to England. He stroke my cheek and came closer but I stepped backwards. He was shocked a bit and I quickly said; “these are my friends and boyfriend. Stan turned red, nodded and ran off. Lots of the teachers and other students came to say hi. My old friends, new friend and me gathered at the table of Gryffindor, it felt like heaven. My old schoolmates appeared to be surprised, seeing me as the captain of the Quidditch team. They were even more surprised, realizing we actually were damn good. Ron was a hell of keeper, that’s what my old friends told me afterwards as well. But his brothers sure were good Beaterrs as well. Ginny got injured during the first minutes, by the bludger of Stan. Next Harry got sent of the pitch by Madame Hooch because he attacked Stan. I was a bit shocked, but called in my second team players. Ned was furious, but kept control of his own body and remained in the game. After two hours we were at 30-70 for us. Harry was yelling from the tribune, I looked at him, he still had his outfit on. And the firebolt in his hand. Ginny clearly had to hold him from jumping on his broom and going for the snitch. The snitch! I realised that was what Harry was yelling. Both Draco and the other seeker were looking the wrong direction. “Draco!” I yelled. He looked and I pointed, I saw him turning and heading for the snitch then I heard George “Joan!” I looked at him he came to me with an amazingly high speed, I startled, but knew I was to late to dive away, I did, just a bit and George slammed the bludger, holding the bludgeon above my head. He lowered it and grabbed my shoulder, “are you ok?” I nodded an looked up. Stan had aimed for me, the entire pitch had been mad, but Madame Hooch hadn’t seen it, because the seekers had began a race. I looked back at George and just opened to thank him as the entire tribune began to scream. Draco had the snitch. I smiled to him, to George and then give a daring face to Stan, who turned red.

“I can see why you moved over here, Joan, the Quidditch definitely is the best we played, and you were on with two second team players!” I smiled and wanted to answer, but Fred was faster. “Well, she trained us like that, we never were good enough to enter the WC before!”



“yeah” Ned now fell in and I felt my head turning red. After the whole story how I had brought fame to the Hogwarts Quidditch, they had to leave and I hugged them all and promised I’d write. I saw Stan looking at me, it seemed as if he was going to come and say goodbye, but the twins, each at one side of me, scared him off. I didn’t mind it and was happy with Fred and George around me. Afterwards I went to find Draco, but I couldn’t find him. Totally against my will I had to think of Snape. I told myself Draco was having a shower and I was being ridiculous to even doubt at Draco’s love. But although I fought it with all I had, I knew there was logic sense in Snape’s explanation.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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Aantal berichten : 369
Leeftijd : 27
Woonplaats : Stekene/O.L.V.Olen
Registration date : 21-01-09

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: 22.An other match   di feb 03, 2009 12:35 am

The next week Draco and I went for a walk with Mayjin every day. Friday was more silent then before, until Draco said. “he’s becoming big.”

I nodded “he’s eight months old.” at the end of the lake Draco took my arm and looked into my eyes. “Joan..”

“What” I asked coming closer to him, but he stepped backwards. “I think…I think we shouldn’t see each other anymore..” he didn’t look into my eyes telling me.

“What? Why?”

“because I think so”

“yeah, but why, what did I do?”

“nothing” he pulled away his hand “it’s me, I’m sorry.” and he turned around and ran to the castle. Leaving me alone. I felt empty, all those months of luck, were nothing compared to what I felt at that very moment. I nearly felt how I went through my knees and fell. I stared at the castle, hoping he’d come back to tell me it was a joke. When he didn’t, I hoped it was just a nightmare and I’d wake up soon. After more then an hour I decided neither of these two was the answer. I stood up and walked to the common room, followed by Mayjin. I doubted, but then went to the stairs to the boys dorms. I forgot to knock and opened the twins and lee’s door. “Hiiaaiij!” Lee yelled, jumping in his bed. I, for a moment forgot why I came and quickly apologized, I went back outside, giving Lee a few seconds to get into the bathroom. “Why are you up here Joan?” George asked cheerful, but seeing my face, sat down on the bed, pointing at the spot between him and his brother. I sat down and remained silent. After a couple of seconds I felt the twins looking at each other and Fred carefully asked, “Joan?” I took a deep breath and wanted to tell it, but instead, I cried. Cried and cried. Lee had disappeared, figuring it was best to leave us alone. “He..he broke up with me” I said slowly, still in disbelief. George caring hands turned into fists, while Fred held on to me. “Why?”


“I’m going to find him..” George mumbled. “not now, not here” Fred warned. After an other half hour I looked up, “thanks guys.”

“that’s ok, are you alright?”

“yeah, I just need some sleep..”

“do you…are you sure you want to go to…Hermione” George asked. I looked up at him, in misunderstanding. “you can always stay here.” Fred suggested. Now I looked at him, at what he shrugged. “you can sleep in my bed, I’ll take the floor.” he smiled.

“o guys” I hugged them both and went to get my nightdress. Hermione looked up, but I was out faster then she could imagine. A bit later I heart how George got rid of Hermione. I got in my nightdress and went back to the bedroom. I looked from George to Fred to Lee, who definitely was confused, he decided to go to the common room, but Fred and George both were staring at me. I realised tears were coming in my eyes again. I couldn’t resist I saw Draco’s smiling eyes in front of me and cried again. Both Fred and George putted their arms around me and I, again went through my knees. Then things went black and an hour later I realised I was in a bed, I opened my eyes and looked at Fred, who was staring at me. “you alright?” I heard the concern in his voice and nodded. I went sitting and saw George jumping up as well. “I..” I started, because I knew I had to talk about it, but how would they understand? Draco was their enemy, then I came, and forced them to be friends…then… “I..” Fred came closer and wrapped his arms around me, all I could do as response was cry. So I cried, head at Fred’s shoulder. Lee came inside and quickly closed the door. “stupid Hermione” he mumbled. “way to curious”

“Joan? You…you want to talk about it?” George carefully asked. I nodded my head, and I felt Fred, forced and not comfortable, giving me more space. “We were just..walking..round the lake…and he…he was so quiet…and he…” I held a long break. “I…I really loved him…loved…I …I cared about him…for real… I just can’t stop thinking of the greatest moments we shared…we had such good fun.”

“yeah, I know, I know, but you’ll be fine girl, I understand what your feeling, but you need to hang on!” George said. I nodded and said I was tired. ”Just a second” Fred said. I looked up in misunderstanding. “I have to make a ‘bed’ He explained. I don’t know what happened and what forced me into this rather strange action, but I wrapped my arms around him and sighed when he held me. “Stay with me Fred” I whispered. “don’t you ever leave me!”

“I won’t, I promise, I’ll never leave you” in some strange way the loosing of Draco, made the need for affection bigger. The touch of Fred gave me a good feeling, as if it wasn’t me who was to blame for all this. I fell asleep in Fred’s arms, knowing he was the best friend I’d ever had.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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22.An other match
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