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 20.What a meeting

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A few days past after the twins got me to say that they looked like fun from the first moment and Draco had looked handsome, but arrogant. Hermione had now also joined the burrow. And Molly had, probably caused by the others pushing, with an expression that said I-don’t-really-mean-it asked me to invite Draco for the last days, so we had some practise before the year started.
Draco had been enthusiastic, but insecure as well. Lucius hadn’t been happy at all he told me. I was a bit afraid of the meeting and apparently everyone else was to. At the day he’d arrive I suggested to wait at the yard gate , but Molly apparently didn’t liked the Malfoy’s at all and told me they should come to the front door. I was all nervous and didn’t speak for the rest of the day. The others were tensioned as well, the only one who played on happy, like nothing happened was Mayjin. When at six o’clock there was a knocking at the door, everyone jumped up. Arthur opened the door and saluted Lucius coldly, who did the same, looking through the house, quickly, full disgust. Fred and George took Draco’s stuff and brought it upstairs. Lucius smiled at me “hi darling” he said way to sweet and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “hi” I responded, a bit overwhelmed. “ow, I’d better be going, still got to work, bye darling, bye Draco.”
When the door was shot, it kept quiet for a couple of second and then I wrapped my arms round Draco’s neck, who putted his round my waist and kissed me. Suddenly there was more noise in the room. I laughed when backing up and pulled further in the house. I knew Draco felt uncomfortable at the burrow and the Weasley’s were too. so after dinner I suggested to go outside. Draco adored Mayjin and after walking him we played Quidditch with Fred and George. After amusing ourselves for a long while and Ron, Ginny, Harry and a forced Hermione joined us. And when Molly shouted at half past eleven everyone got inside, drank a cup of hot milk and then went to bed. Harry and Ron shared a room, I had shared one with Ginny, but now Hermione had taken my place. Ginny’s room was to small for three persons and Draco and I each got a room, I got Charlie’s and Draco got Percy’s. The next morning I walked Mayjin and when I got back I got breakfast wit Draco, the twins and Ron. The others already had theirs because the table was to small to all eat together. Draco began to feel more uncomfortable, knowing Molly didn’t like him and suggested to help her cleaning the table. Under which I heard he told her, his parent wouldn’t be capable of running the house with ten persons, a cat, a dog and three owls inside. Molly smiled and had gotten loser after that. And after a week, of mainly Quidditch games it was time to go back to school. We all packed and Arthur got some cars of the ministry. At the station we said goodbye and got at the train. I had expect surprise, but even before I stepped on the train loads of people petted Mayjin, telling me he was adorable. It was awkward, every Gryffindor, Ravenclow and Hufflepuf came to tell me he was ‘o so cute’. We were three weeks later and the pup now was six weeks old.
(is what he looked like)
The train was rather quiet, in spite of the fact we were in there with the eight of us. When we arrived at school even the teachers couldn’t hide a smile for young Mayjin. After the sorting ceremony and dinner I went to my dorm to unpack, as did the others. When I got down I took a walk with Mayjin and then went to sleep. The next morning I first went to professor Dumbledore’s office. Dad had told me he’d want to see me. “A Joan, come on in, is this…”
“Mayjin” I smiled.
“Mayjin” repeated, as if this name meant something for him and he kneeled down at the little pup. “he’s adorable.” I smiled in response.
“ok” he went on more serious, “since he’s only a pup you’re allowed to keep him with you all day and take a little walk every hour, but you only get five minutes longer!”
I nodded and he continued. “when he’s a bit older, he needs to stay out during classes. He can play with Fang if he wants to..”
“ok he’ll be fine…but not to soon I hope? Cause right now Fang can eat him!”
“haha He won’t, but no we’ll wait a while.” I nodded grateful and went to the Great hall to eat, followed by the headmaster. During breakfast McGonagall gave us the schedules, everyone was curious about theirs, but about mine to…I looked at mine when McGonagall gave me mine as last.

Monday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Friday
8.25 D.A.D.A. Transfusion Ancientrun herbology Potions
9.15 History.. charms Ancientrun charms herbology
10.15 Potions /////////// transfusion Care MC Charms
10.55 transfusion Hyst.of M Care of MC Care MC transfusion
13.15 Care MC herbology ///////// D.A.D.A.
14.05 charms herbology Potions Potions
15.45 Divination D.A.D.A.
16.35 divination D.A.D.A.

Thuesday evening 23.00 to 01.00 astronomy Good luck this year.
I read though it, it was a lame schedule, but it got ripped out off my hands and soon seven people hung over the schedules.
Harry and Ron (Hermione is Divination replaced by muggle studies and ancient runes)
/////H//////=> Hermione has Muggle studies, ////..//// Hermione has Arithmancy

Monday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Friday
8.25 D.A.D.A. Divination herbology ////..//// Potions
9.15 transfusion Divination herbology herbology ////..////
10.15 Potions herbology /////H////// Care of MC transfusio
10.55 historyofM charms Care of MC Care of MC charms
13.15 Care of MC transfusion hystory D.A.D.A.
14.05 /////H////// transfusion Potions Potions
15.45 charms D.A.D.A. transfsion
16.35 charms D.A.D.A.

Fred, George and Lee:

Monday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Friday
8.25 Care of MC transfusion Ancientrun herbology D.A.D.A.
9.15 History charms Ancientrun charms herbology
10.15 D.A.D.A. ////////// transfusion Potions charmes
10.55 transfusion History D.A.D.A. Potions transfusion
13.15 potions herbology ///////// Care of MC
14.05 charms herbology D.A.D.A. Care of Mc
15.45 divination Care of MC
16.35 divination potions

“you’ve got Care of Magical creatures with us this year!” Harry said enthusiastic.
“Waw, is it like infective?” Fred said a bit irritated.
“you seem Ron.” George helped. Harry was going to say something, but I was quicker, “cut it guys! ” and then we left off to meet our new teacher for Defence against the dark arts. Next was history of magic, it was a boring class and the twins, Lee and I amused ourselves with Mayjin. During the small break I caught up with Hermione, Ron and Harry. It was pretty clear what they were talking about.
“yeah...I hope we’re not working in pairs this year..” Hermione mumbled.
“you know” Hermione said when walking to the dungeons. “you’re having the three classes, the Slytherins always have whit us..”
“we’ll see” I interrupted, it was better they all knew, but clearly they didn’t excepted it a hundred percent. We got in before the Slytherins and I joined my friends at a desk. I felt Snape watching me, but refused to look. After class, in which I almost cursed Ron because of his pure stupidity and Mayjin for running off every time(not to far though), I gave Draco a smile. We decided that, although everyone knew it already, we shouldn’t be showing it off to much in public either. I said goodbye to Harry, Hermione and Ron and went out whit Mayjin and to my own amazement I got in to transfusion in time. McGonagall started off easily...she said. When we got down to the great hall I heard lots of classmates complaining and they sounded desperate as well. During lunch I felt eyes watching me after half an hour I found the owner of them. “hi Ned”
“hi Joan…I was wondering..”
“I don’t know yet.”
“oh…ok” Ron looked at me in amazement, “How the…”
“it was predictable.”
“Damn Joan, Trelawney would like you” Harry said. I shrugged, “we’ll see tonight.” after dinner we went to Care of Magical creatures and it all went fluently. The rest of the week was as well. Things were ok. When Fred, George, Lee, Mayjin and I wanted to go down to the great hall after transfusion McGonagall told me to stay and then send the boys away. “Now Joan you probably know what this is about?”
“I’d love you to be Gryffindors team captain again this year.”
“oh...yeah, I’d love to be it again to.” I smiled
“that’s all I needed to hear, you can make your program if you want to.”
“I will, thanks professor.”
“that’s all good, you’re pup here is growing pretty fast isn’t he?” I nodded. McGonagall smiled and let me leave to the Great hall. I only had to nod to Ned or the entire team and the previous year jumped up to have a big group hug. The rest of the day was rather strange, three hours of class with Draco and we tried to stay with our friends, but couldn’t stop looking at each other. When potions class was over I took my stuff quite slow together. I saw Draco doing the same thing. Hermione, Harry and Ron left off to transfusion. So Draco and I were the only ones in the room, then we quickly got out so Snape couldn’t stop us either. We went to the lake and I let Mayjin run free. I had my arm around him and he had his around me. We walked all round then he took my head in his hands and stared into my eyes for a long time and then kissed me. Softly and tender I was persuade that this was true love. He softly pulled away holding his lips against mine for a few more seconds, forehead rested up mine, eyes closed he pulled his head away softly, till he was above me. When he was he pulled me closer to him, I laid my head on his chest and he laid his chin at the top of my head. After standing there for several minutes we went back to the castle. “we can’t wait a whole week to see each other again!” I smiled “no, you’re right.” I stood on my tiptoes, gave a little kiss and then went to the common room. I gave auditions for the team Saturday, but no-one signed up, because everyone thought the team was at it’s best. So it changed in to practise. After practise I cleared up the balls and Draco came to me. So I arrived into the common room an hour later then the others. Three weeks later everything was still the same, I saw Draco nearly everyday now, classes were becoming hard though. Saturday and Wednesday were nice trainings and according to the schedule we’d play the opening match against Ravenclow. And Mayjin was becoming bigger and bigger, he was two and a half months old now.

Snape told us he’d make pairs again the week after. We’d be in the same as last year, normally. And indeed Draco and I were a pair. Mayjin meanwhile learned to lay down and wait till class was over. It all was great fun and for a month there, I really thought life couldn’t be better and I just was perfectly happy. Then the day of the Quidditch match came, it almost was to painful for the Ravenclows to watch and Lee wasn’t quite helping. It turned out to be 470-0 it was quite smashing and Lee yelling: “Maybe this year we manage to come out without any goals against us!” gave a lot of fame, especially to Ned. The party in the Gryffindor common room was once again overwhelming and great fun, and again, the next morning only the first years showed up for breakfast and most people even missed lunch. The twins, Lee and I missed it to. Hermione apparently had attempted to wake me, but I seemed to have said something she didn’t like. And Fred according to what I heard was pretty rude to. So she got Harry and Ron out of bed, she was mad, which was rather clear, but I could imagine she was hurt to. So I apologized and forced Fred to do the same. Round three o’ clock, Hermione and a forced Harry and Ron were studying, while the twins, Lee and I left to the kitchen. I was overwhelmed by the sight of it, but only a couple of weeks later this all wouldn’t be in my first thoughts to much. A couple of weeks later, a whole lot would start to change. Unaware of the next weeks I amused Sunday. It was the first week of December so it was cold and wet to go outside with Mayjin, luckily Fred accompanied me. Soon the examinations would start and everyone was getting quite stressed. Mayjin meanwhile was 5months old:

The next day I followed Hermione, Harry and Ron to potions, whit a strange feeling inside. I noticed Snape constantly watching me and I knew he wanted to see me, but I rushed out before anyone else and succeeded the entire week in avoided him. I still had my special meetings with Draco. It all was getting, tough, because in spite of the WC the normal school competition Quidditch continued to. It had been a whole salvation to hear that the games from September to December had been transferred and all games were delayed. So I could focus on my examinations. Snape, McGonagall and some other teachers made us clear it was very important to study. I started studying indeed, because of Hermione though, else I never would have started. And when the week before the examinations, in all the stress I forgot to rush Snape called me. “miss Dhanes, just a minute there.” I cursed myself and watched everyone leaving class. “you’re avoiding me, Joan” he spoke as everyone had gotten out.
“no I’m..”
“Don’t even bother Joan, I’m not a fool!” he threatened. “I’m worried about you” I to late realized to hide the amazement on my face. Snape clearly noticed it to. “I’m serious and I have my reasons!” he sounded as well hurt as mad. Especially the second emotion got to Mayjin, who started to groan and putted up his white hairs. Snape gave the young dog a look and then looked back to me, “is your brave and loving pet going to protect you to all what’s coming to you Joan?”
“what do you mean?”
“I mean, you’re getting in to trouble!” I stood there, flabbergasted. I couldn’t say a word.
“I’m telling you Joan trouble are coming your way!”
“but how? Why?…”
“I don’t know yet I’ll let you know. just promise you‘ll do as I say”
“I mean it!”
“yeah ok!”
“ok then of you go”
“thank you” and I went to the common room, because I had a free hour now, but halfway I reconsidered my choice and went out side with Mayjin and afterwards started to study again. After Charms and transfusion we had a free day to start studying for Monday. The examinations went surprisingly well, but I still was happy to realize they were over. To their own amazement my friends as well as I we all worked out our examinations pretty well. At the end of the week the holidays would start and so I spent lots of time with Draco. We walked round the lake, holding each other, it all was so great I forgot to worry about Snape. “Draco?”
“I love you” I looked up, from his chest and saw him smiling to himself before he looked back at me. “I love you to.” and he gave a kiss on my head. I let my hand rise to his shoulders as I raised myself up to kiss him, life felt great. I spent the entire last days with him, again hugging, kissing, loving.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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20.What a meeting
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