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 18. Mansion Malfoy

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When arriving, Draco took me upstairs and we unpacked, he helped me because I had a lot more stuff, since I was away from home longer. When I was unpacked I noticed Draco being quiet. I looked up and stared right into his eyes. “Joan, I’ve missed you” I smiled, I had missed him, but had been busy all the time, we hadn’t really spent a lot of time together. I looked deeply in his eyes, I sat on the bed, with my legs over the suitcase, on the other side of the suitcase, looking back into my eyes. He came forward over the empty suitcase and kissed me. I stroke through his hair while pulling him closer. His hands placed on the bed as he lent forward over the suitcase. The passion and love was incredible. He slowly came closer and putted his knee between my legs. He came closer and my hands went down to his back. I slowly fell backwards, he came out of the uncomfortable position of hanging over the suitcase as his second knee came on the bed. I enjoyed his kiss as I lay on the bed, not minding at all the fact he was now on top of me. No word was necessary to know exactly how we felt. His hand stroke from my waist up to my ribs and his mouth was just lowering to my chin as he appalled and jumped to the other room. I was surprised and just when I got up Narcissa knocked on the door. “Yeah?” Draco said, I was surprised off the coolness in his voice. Narcissa came in. “are you guys ready? Dinner’s ready.” she winked.

“ok” we answered. And followed her downstairs. The food was almost as good and as much as at Hogwarts. “So” Lucius said and I felt nerves boiling up. “you won the second match.” Draco and I nodded.

“that’s a nice performance, you guys”

“we’re very lucky, we’ve got a whole lot of good players.” I said.

“yeah and a hell of a trainer!” Draco smiled.

“Darcoo..” I said flattered.

“funny you start off that son, I was wondering Joan, how come you’re so good?”

“well…this question has been asked me before, but I don’t know, I think it’s the players…”

“o please stop saying that, you have a rare ability, but then again, it isn’t your only one is it.” I looked up at Lucius, surprised. “Yes I speak to your potions professor quite a lot Joan and since you’re my son’s girlfriend…”

“yeah ok, but I don’t have an idea what that is.”

“hmmmhmm” he just said and then the turned off of topic. That evening Draco and I were watching TV when his parents announced they’d be out for a couple of hours. We stayed in the couch, I laid in his arms, head on his chest. I wasn’t looking at TV, I couldn’t focus on anything else, I just loved this guy so much. I almost had trouble believing I once tried to fight this. “let’s go upstairs” he suggested and I agreed, so we went to his room, falling on the bed, kissing and searching as if we were two puzzle pieces that would match. I loved his lips and mouth that were now at my chin again. He softly began to undo my top. Now lowering to my throat, I softly moaned, enjoying his touch. Just knowing this guy was my man. The next morning I woke up with my head on his chest. I smiled at him ad he seemed, somehow relieved. We went down for breakfast and after that we played some Quidditch, under Lucius’ watching eye. A couple of hours later we got down. Lucius had left to the ministry and Narcissa was out, I didn’t know and didn’t ask where. “let’s shower.” Draco said and I nodded. It would have been an awkward situation, but we understood perfectly and Draco suggested the perfect idea. The Malfoy’s had a big house and also a big bathroom. I undressed and Draco, looking at me, turned on the bath. I stepped in the shower and took a quick wash, to get ride of the mud. I came back out and stepped in the half-full bath, looking at Draco, undressing. I had never expected him to look so good when I saw him the first time, but when I had felt his arms I had my prospects. He also quickly rubbed of the mud and then joined me in the now full, big bath. I sat next to him, head on his shoulder and with arms around me. After being in the bath for who knows how long we got out and dressed. Then we went upstairs, to his room and I took the paper Dumbledore had given me. I was in Draco’s nap and he putted his chin on my shoulder to read with me.

Hongaskan (Hungary)-Hogwarts June 10-270
Graicon(Greece)-Beaubatons(France) June 40-160
Kammfels(Bulgaria)- Glioscan(Scotland) June 390-280
Parkers(America)-Jogertsa (Spain) June 250-240
Hochein(Germany)- trouchbaniah (Morocco) June 30-180

Beabatons - Hongaskan July 110-80
Kammfels - Jogertsa July 450-20
Trouchbaniah -Parkers July 50-240
Graicon- Hochein July 100-160
Glioscan-Hogwarts July 30-230

This means that the next teams are off to the second round: Kammfels, Beaubatons, Parkers and Hogwarts. The next teams are definatly out: Hongaskan, Graicon, Glioscan, and Jogerta. The next teams will play in August against teach other: trouchbaniah and Hocein.
It seems to me that some good teams are out, because they had two strong contestants, it’s not fair, but no bad to us, right Joan? The next plays are in September

Kammfels- trouchbaniah orHocein.

Games in October:

trouchbaniah or Hocein. -Hogwarts

trouchbaniah or Hocein.- Beaubatons

trouchbaniah or Hocein. -Parker


There’l be a final as well, but that’s all not sure enough yet, so here is the schedule for the next half year, use it well.

Albus Dumbledore



“we’re through the first round.”


“we’ll play against Kammfels”

“yep and Glioscan is out”

Draco grinned “yeah”

“kids! dinner’s ready!!!” Narcissa yelled from downstairs so we went down and ate, the next day were fun, sleep long, play some Quidditch, and hang around. So each evening I laid my head on his chest. But when I had to go home again two weeks later I felt sadness returning to Draco even before I packed. I gave him a long hug, I guess we stood there for an hour, then he helped me packing, held me, kissed and hugged me. “I’ll see you soon” I smiled when I gave him a last kiss and stepped in the fire after saying goodbye to his parents as well.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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18. Mansion Malfoy
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