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 16. Summer vacation

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When we got home, we ate and I told my dad how great Hogwarts, my friends, Draco and Quidditch were. Then I started to unpack and went to bed early, tired of the sudden change. The next morning I woke up by the smell of coffee and eggs with bacon. I got dressed and went down. “Hi dear!”
“hi dad!”
“I made breakfast” he smiled. I smiled back and sat down, as did he after he gave me some coffee and eggs. we were eaten when my dad suddenly spoke. “Say, Joan.” he had a strange tone in his voice and I stopped eating. “yeah?”
“well I had a bit off a discussion with my boss…and uhm he told me I only have six weeks of vacation on a year…”
“yeah, but you haven’t took any yet.”
“but I’d love to be home at new year for a week now.”
“so there are three weeks of the vacation that…”
“well the week before Quidditch I can go to the Weasleys and I can ask Malfoy to stay over at his place.”
“hmm, yes I guess so, I’d loved to see the game though.”
“well then you better come and watch when the game is at Hogwarts.”
“when is that?”
“uhm, I’ll check it.”
“wait…please eat first.” I ate my breakfast and then went for the paper Dumbledore gave me.

Hongaskan (Hungary)-Hogwarts June
Graicon(Greece)-Beaubatons(France) June
Kammfels(Bulgaria)- Glioscan(Scotland) June
Parkers(America)-Jogertsa (Spain) June
Hochein(Germany)- trouchbaniah (Morocco) June

Beabatons - Hongaskan July
Kammfels - Jogertsa July
Trouchbaniah -Parkers July
Kammfels- Hochein July
Glioscan-Hogwarts July

The winners will go through, teams that loses 2times are out, teams that lost one have to play to each other in August. I’ll give you next one to, but no Hogwarts in the Holidays yet!

“Oh, your previous school is in!”
“yeah, I was surprised of that as well!”
“ that?”
“yep! But no Hogwarts yet, I’ll let you know as soon as possible” I smiled.
“ok then” he smiled also and gave me a kiss on top of my head. Then he went to do the dishes and I walked into the little garden behind the house. I looked at the big tree that stood on the right and softly began to walk around it holding my hand on the tree. I thought of the big tree at Hogwarts, that had become a favourite spot. I sat down and looked up at the big head of the tree. Thinking of Hogwarts I remembered thinking of Draco once when I was under the tree at Hogwarts, I wondered back then Why is it that at a beautiful day like this, the sun all shinning, there were no leaves on there branches yet. I remembered thinking how come there aren’t any leaves yet? It was actually rather stupid though. I thought back of Draco and Hogwarts. I was appalled when an owl, which I recognized to be Draco’s, came next to me, giving me a letter.

Dear Joan,
I’m missing you already and we’re only at home for one day! I want to see you, because I’m getting rather lost here without you…it’s like you’re my signpost, simply as a kettle, but steady as a rock, though also beautiful as a unicorn. Joan! I miss you!!!


I smiled and went inside. My father looked up, but I sat at the table with parchment and feather. And began to write. “Who are you writing?”
“Draco” I smiled. And gave him the letter. He read it and smiled. “ ask him if he likes to come here for the weekend. Then I get to meet him as well.”
“oh dad!” I got up and hugged him and quickly began to write.

Dear Draco,
I miss you to! And the letter you sent me was really sweet! My father asks if you’d like to spent the weekend here!!!
Lyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joan

I smiled at my father, the same evening I got an answer from Draco, he was coming! The whole weekend! I was very excited and so was my dad. I spent the rest of the week with my father, cleaning, but also for small trips. Friday evening was the time, Draco was coming through the fireplace. I sat at the living room, waiting. And around half past eight Draco appeared in our living room. I jumped up and before he could take a look at the house I hugged him. He moaned as he grabbed my waist and pulled my close to him. I lifted my head from his neck and kissed him, then we broke up and I turned around to say, with a bit of a pumpkin-head. “Draco, this is my dad.. Dad, this is Draco…my boyfriend.” my father smiled and came towards Draco and shook his hand. He pointed his wand at Draco’s luggage and this went upstairs. “I’m afraid you’ll have to share a room, we only have got to rooms, but I feel I can trust my daughter.” he smiled, but left an awkward situation. Me and Draco turning red, but he kept on talking and questioning Draco. Round eleven we got upstairs and pulled on our pyjamas. I got into my bed, followed by Draco. “oh I’ve missed you, you know I really did!” he said, “I knew I would, but…”
“I know” he was lying on his side his head resting on his hand. I pulled myself towards him and he held me on tight. He kissed me and kissed me again and over again, long and full of passion and by this I realised, he loved me and had missed me. I fell asleep with my head and hand on his chest and with his arm around me.
We woke up in the same position and my dad took us to the mall. Sunday Draco went back home after a long hug, I found the weekend had passed to quickly. The next week I spent with my father and was though lovely. After this week, he had to work a week and I’d go to the Weasleys. My father apologized a hundred times and I told him every time that it was just fine.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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16. Summer vacation
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