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 15. Last day and on the train

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“Hi Joan” Harry greeted me, for the first in the last days.
“ow hi Harry!” he got a grin on his face noticing how much my face cleared up.
“mione…were are the boys?””(me)
“they’ll be here soon.”(Hermione)
“the boys? Then what are we?”(Ron)
“you know what I mean Ron.”(me)
“actually you can be quite sure he doesn’t”(George, behind me.)
“yes there are a couple of things you should know about our baby brother.” Fred now grinned.
“ow shut up” Ron said, clearly not happy with his brothers showing up.
“mum should give him a sweater that contains warnings in the front.” George went on.
“and back!” Fred pushed.
“warning 1 complete imbecile.” George smiled.
“2 might make unusual faces.” Fred smiled wider.
“in awkward situations, sets off peeping alarm sound.” George now laughed.
“when jealous, sets off red light!” Fred also laughed, Lee and I busted out in laughing now as well. Harry and Hermione tried to hold their laughs for their friend, but it was quite obvious they say the humour of it. “c’mon guys let’s just eat.” and so we did, afterwards we went back to our rooms. After half an hour I went downstairs and when there was no-one in the common room, I went to the owl wing, searched an owl an gave him a little note and then sent him off to find Draco and, by the note, tell him to meet me at the lake. I watched the bird set off and went down, to go outside, towards the lake. After walking a while near it I startled, from two strong hands on my shoulders. “djee Draco, do you always need to do that?”
“you always run away, so I can stay over there and wait or come up whole the way to you.” he smirked. I turned around putted my arms around his neck and kissed him. “tomorrow we’re going home.” I said when we broke up for a couple of inches. His eyes went from my lips, straight into my eyes and back to my lips, he nodded and then pressed his lips against mine again. Then he backed up a few inches and looked straight into my eyes again. “I’m going to miss you” I told him. He nodded and said. “but we’ll see each other.”
“how do you know?”
“because we have to.” I must have had a rather confused look on my face cause he continued. “as I already noticed this year, I won’t survive two months without you.” I smiled up at him. “I’ll have to see you every week.”
“I hope you do!” and after some walks round the lake we went into the great hall to go and eat. “tomorrow we’re on our way home.” Ron said during dinner.
“whoa ey, did you hear that Fred? What a genius!!” George said with a wide enthusiasm.
“warning 5 May blew you off with brilliant infusions!” Fred responded. everyone laughed and I got into bed with mixed feelings that evening.
The next day I got dressed and finished my packing, went for breakfast and waited at the great hall, Gryffindor’s table. Dumbledore told us that at the 24th July the Hogwarts express would come to Hogwarts, for the next Quidditch match. Then we got on the train. “say Joan, Hermione and Harry are coming to us this summer, do you want to come as well?” Ron asked. Just when Fred came in saying “Joan, you’re coming to us this summer aren’t you?” we all laughed pressed us in a compartment with seven people. The door opened again and we all looked up at Draco. “uhm..” he swallowed. “hi”
“hi” I jumped up.
“hi Malfoy” Fred said, I knew this was to please me and it did. George just nodded. “Missed you” he said, while looking a bit embarrassed by the presence off all these Gryffindors. I softly touched his lips and then pulled him in the compartment and pushed him on a seat and then sat in his lap. I could see the faces of my friends, but ignored them and started to play with Draco’s hair. “Where are Crabbe and Goyle?”
“in the back.”
“I honestly still don’t understand what you’re doing with them as friends.” I smiled. But Draco was rather serious as he answered. “me neither…they are rather stupid. Not a to high intelligence quantity !”
“ow if you’re searching for that you shouldn’t be here either.” George grinned, and I as well as Draco looked up, surprised, because he said something and because what he said. As usual Fred continued George sentence “our baby brother isn’t that intelligent as well.” I started to laugh and the twins and Draco couldn’t stop himself of smiling, which surprised the others. “Guys! You’re suppose to be on my side!” Ron yelled at his brothers. “we are” they smiled, together. “at least your baby brother has SOME brain.” Draco said to the twins, who now looked at him with a certain interest. “They’ve got the memory of a teaspoon, don’t think, speak even read or look for themselves. The only truth that ever comes out is when a nice little Maltheser comes to them, then they would say: hey look a Maltheser, coming to us! And they’d probably be so stupid to pick it up and shove it of in their mouths!” the twins as well as the others burst out in laughing. “honestly Malfoy if you hate them so much, why do you hang out with them?”
“I honestly don’t know.” there was an uncomfortable silence after that. “I guess I should be checking on them.” Draco said after the long pause.
“what are you? Their babysitter?” I asked for teasing.
“sometimes I consider myself that way yes.”
“stay” I now whispered.
“I can’t” he whispered even softer. I knew what he meant, he couldn’t because he was uncomfortable with my friends as it was the other way around as well. As soon as he had shut the door everyone started talking again and it made me pretty angry. But I realized on the other hand it was rather normal as well. While thinking that I thought back of Ginny’s words that had touched me so badly.
We don’t blame you Joan, because you didn’t know him before, you weren’t here yet and didn’t suffer the torture of him that rested among us.

The train slowed down and I realized we were in London already. We got off the train and got our stuff together. “Ginny! Ron! Fred! George!” Mrs. Weasley yelled. “o so good to have you back. Ow Harry come here.” she gave Harry a hug and then also hugged Hermione. “oh and Joan, dear I’m so sorry you couldn’t come during the holidays!”
“o really Mrs. Weasley that’s just fine!” I said and smiled when she gave me a hug to.
“she had rather fun.” Fred said. But I wasn’t listening and I searched to find Draco, when I saw him he was staring at the train. “I’ll be right back” I said to the people standing there with me and noticed how their eyes followed me up till I was at Draco. He turned around and smiled. “there you are!”
“here I am” I said, before I gave him a long hug and a passionate kiss. “we’ll sent letters and then we’ll look when we can meet, ok?”
“ok” I putted my arms around his neck and kissed him. His hands on my waist gripped more firmly. I let my head lower on his shoulder and let my hands lower to his shoulders and pressed him closer to me, pulling myself up against him. When we broke up our hug I had tears on my cheeks and saw his eyes were a bit wet as well. I smiled “I’ll miss you.”
“we’ll see again soon.” he replied. And I turned away to walk back to the Weasleys. I could see Mrs. And M. Weasley were a bit shocked, but left it alone. “uncle Vernon is here, see you guys!” Harry said before he ran off.
“bye Harry!”
“well there are my parents, bye” Hermione said, she gave me and Ginny a hug and waved at the others. Realizing I was the only not-Weasley I felt pretty uncertain. “uhm, my dad will be here soon.”
“oh don’t bother dear.”
“ah there he is! Well ehm thanks and bye you guys, oh say! O crap Harry’s gone already.” everyone looked kind of confused to me. “Quidditch, do practice will you, in July…crap!”
“look the week before the match the both of you stay with us and you can practice, ok?”
“yeah?” I asked and looked at Mrs. Weasley, who just nodded, smiling. “great! Thanks!”
“no problem dear.”
“well bye then” I quickly threw my arm around Ginny, Ron and George and threw them both round Fred, “I’ll miss your personal pep talks” I whispered while he grabbed me as well. “bye guys” and I walked towards my father. “hi” I hugged him to and he nodded towards the Weasleys “found friends?”
“sure did.” I had told him about Quidditch and Draco in the letters and on the way home he asked when Quidditch was, I immediately used this to ask if I could go to the Weasleys that summer. “Sure you can” he said. “what about Draco, why didn’t I see him?”
“o you will, soon.. He won’t be able to miss me to long.” I smiled. And I was sure my father didn’t mind


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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15. Last day and on the train
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