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 8. wonder on further

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When I got in the common room I realized Snape didn’t kept us in to long. Normally I got back round half past midnight from his detentions, he probably was tired and let us off earlier. “How was it?” Harry yelled from the entire other side of the room. I raised my shoulders and yelled back: “ As usual” he smiled. Of all people Harry of course knew how it was. But I couldn’t help noticing Snape was meaner to Harry then to me… a bit, not taking my detentions in charge. I went over at the table he, Ron and Hermione were sitting. I realized Hermione was staring at me, clearly trying to read my mind, I decided to go to bed early so she didn’t screw up my evening by asking me all of Malfoy. “What time is it?” I asked.
“ Half past ten” Ron answered.
“ Wow he only kept us in for like two and an half hour! Guess he had a rough day!” the two boys laughed, Hermione didn’t. “Are you guys doing homework? I still have loads to do!”
“Just finished defence against dark arts” Ron said.
“Potions” Harry claimed for himself. I could tell they did it like that to after woods write it from each other. “You can look at mine”
“Thanks Harry”
“you can have mine as well.”
“Thanks Ron.” So I took their homework. Half past eleven I finished both and just at that moments the twins came down again.
“Joan!” George shouted amazed. “ What are you doing here? You’ve got detention! Please don’t say it’s our influence!”
“Hehe no it isn’t, Snape let me off early.”
“Nice” Fred said.
“Yeah, did you guys made your homework?” And so I made all my homework by writing it from my friends, but it happened rather much the other way around, so I didn’t felt to bad about it.
The next morning Hermione had already left the bedroom when I woke up. I got dressed and went to the common room, where Hermione was sitting. “Morning” I said. She looked up “Hi, Say Joan I wanted to ask you something…”
“Is it important? Cause I’m hungry.”
“Well she stood up and came towards me, the she almost whispered. “I’m sorry Joan but I’ve got to ask…you don’t like Malfoy, do you?”
“Hermione! What the..”
“yeah ok ok, but honestly it’s like you don’t care to much you need to work with him in potions, that you’ve got detention with him and worst of all you even say he’s not that bad and he backed up for you and all and I.. I..” she began to stumble and I took advantage of that. “I’m going to the great hall.” And so I did. I had breakfast with Ron and Harry and then went looking for the twins and Lee. After ten minutes searching trough the common room and the great hall, knowing they weren’t in there dormitory anymore I walked trough the corridors. I was surprised when I suddenly run into Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe. “Hey look one of the Gryffindors has actually been so stupid to wonder a round alone and the walked in to three Slytherins.” then he made a weird sound which was suppose to be laughter.
“I don’t think you should start to discus who’s stupid now, Goyle.” I responded. Clearly he had trouble with understanding me and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. Crabbe didn’t dare to say anything, clearly he hadn’t understood what I meant as well, they of course were used to the fact that Malfoy did the speaking. This one clearly was humiliated in the dumbness of his friends. “ you guys really are stupid aren’t you?”
“sorry” and they ran off clearly afraid to get hit. “What does a smart wizard as yourself do with stupid friends like that?”
“I don’t know, I really don’t” We stood there, with about four feet between us, looking at each other. “uhm” he quickly looked around, as did I to be sure nobody was around. Then we both at he same time stepped one step forwards. Which made us standing closer to each other then we both meant, both turning red, we didn’t back off. “What are you doing here?” he whispered, his face only 5 inches away from mine. “I.. I was looking for my classmates.”
“and his brother and Lee.” I said rather brute so he wouldn’t wine about it. He quicker then I could see but though soft and tender laid his hand in my neck, kissed me and then said, “ see you at potions.”
“yeah, see you.” he was only just round the corner when Fred, George and Lee showed up. “Ah there you are!”
“were looking for us?”
“yes clearly!” the three boys grinned and we went on to class.
The entire morning I couldn’t concentrate. I constantly was thinking at Hermione: “You don’t like Malfoy, do you?” But I did, how could I it was terrible! But I couldn’t help it! How the hell did she found out?
There had been a change in the school timetable. Our two latest hours Friday had switched, so we had defence against the dark arts and the potions. I was on my way to defence against the dark arts alone, when I realized the entire class had to ship over at once.
When defence against dark arts was over Ron, Harry, Hermione and I were the last Gryffindors to leave. Malfoy and his sidekicks were the last after us. I knew it had to come to this once, it was a long time ago they’d met. “Ah Weasley” Malfoy said grinning “on your way to get burned?“ last potion class Ron had burned his hand at his kettle. “Back off Malfoy!” I said with as much authority in my voice as there had been on the Quidditch practice.
“Well sorry, I didn’t meant to hurt anyone, hehe.” then they walked past us. “stupid Malfoy” Harry said. I wanted to say something but just in time didn’t. We went in the class and I wasn’t on my chair yet or Draco said: “I’m sorry it’s just I can’t, I mean it’s always been like that and I…”
“it’s ok Malfoy, in fact it was a rather good thing.”
“Say what?”
“Hermione is getting suspicious.”
“hmm…, say do you guys have practice tonight?”
“yes” I was glad he remembered me because, thinking of the whole situation I forgot I said it was going to be practice Friday.
“ok, what time?”
“eight to ten”
“then we’ll practice seven to eight.”
“ok thanks” he just smiled, then we had to focus at our potions. That evening half past seven Ron, Harry, Ginny, Fred, George, Ned and I went to the dress-room while Hermione and Lee went to the platform. When everybody was dressed it was a quarter to eight. “Good, the past practice was very good..”
“yeah especially when you…”,Ned started.
“ Yeah yeah ok thanks Ned, but let’s not talk about that yet, ok? So today, we’ll warm up with some passes, then we’ll do the same as Wednesday, Sunday we’ll do something different.” the team mumbled acquiesced. “Ok, come on, we’ll have to wait just ten more minutes.”
“We start at eight Ned” and he didn’t dare to contradict me. So when we got at the Quidditch pitch, we walked over at Lee and Hermione, to wait. Draco was letting his team do just some passes to then throw and try to score. He noticed, along with his team, we were there as well. he looked at me and nodded because I let my team waiting for him. A bit for eight Malfoy made his team stop and I stood up and, followed by my team, walked to the court. I nodded to Malfoy because he’d stopped earlier. “you can use the same balls, we haven’t used the snitch.”
“we will, thanks.” the first hour of practice was very good and I realized I had a good team, so decided to made it harder. When I said that I could only see joy on there faces. So I let Fred and George practice with a Quaffle which was a lot harder the with a bludger. I let Harry pretend he was a bludger for Ned and Ginny so they all trained at speed. An hour later I whistled my team was exhausted, but enthusiastic “ that was the best training ever!” they claimed.
That evening I made the biggest part of my homework for the week after woods and then went to bed.
The next day I woke happy, yesterday was wonderful and today was weekend! “morning!” Hermione said. “morning” but I decided to go eating cause she had that strange look in her eyes again. “morning” Harry said when I joined them for breakfast, “ghhd mognan” Ron added with his mouth still full of food. “Morning”
“Whhs miomi?”(Ron)
“In the bedroom”(me)
“Still a sleep?”(Harry)
“ahh thij e id”(Ron)
Hermione joined us and grabbed some food: “ eww Ronald that’s disgusting!”
“that’s our little brother alright”(Fred)
“would have thought you already knew him!”(George)
And they also started to eat. Half an hour later Ron, Harry and Hermione decided to go to Hagrid. I decided not to go with them, Hagrid was a good friend of the three friends and there was no need for me to be there as well. And so I went outside with Fred, George and Lee. We went sitting under a three and were thinking what would be fun to do next week. All of the sudden Lee mumbled a “ right back” and ran away. “well have you ever” George said.
Fred grinned “ a weird boy sometimes”
“probably has nothing to with the fact that he’s you guys as his best friends” I said sarcastically.
“What? No! of course not! We’re well raised kids and we especially don’t have a bad influence on people!” George said, not able to hide, he didn’t believed what he was saying as well.
“What’s your problem?” Fred suddenly asked on a tone that didn’t fit him well, pure anger. I turned around and saw Malfoy standing behind me.
“I need to have a word with you” this one said to me, without even looking at Fred. Fred and George jumped up. “What do you want?” But Malfoy just kept staring at me “I’m not talking to you Weasleys.”
“about?” I asked, standing up, before one of the twins could answer.
“The Quidditch practices.” I lifted an eyebrow and Fred said “well then we can hear it as well I guess.”
“ No it’s ok Fred” he looked deeply disappointed at me, “Joan…” I raised my hand, “it’s ok”
“It’s Malfoy!”
“He can’t do anything”
“Fred Weasley” I suddenly raised my voice, the three boys appalled. “I very much appreciate your concerns, but I can handle this ok?”
“I..I just..”
“I know and I appreciate that Fred” I cut him off a lot calmer and quietly “you’re my best friend but there are things I can solve myself.” He was a bit shocked and I felt sorry for him.
“Fred, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout, but Malfoy and I both are captains and it’s much more pleasant if we don’t have to fight constantly about who can go on the pitch and who can’t. I’m having it tough enough without that.” He just mumbled a bit and moved closer towards him. “Fred?”
“ok fine then go”, clearly against his will.
“ok” and I turned to Malfoy, who was standing there silently, clearly having a hard time. I widened my eyes for a second to wake him and he, as always, understood perfectly well. “Now if your sentimental shit is over can we talk then, I really have better things to do!”
“Yeah Malfoy, I’m coming, stop wining all the time, alright?”
“pff” and he turned around and walked away, I followed and looked back at the twins, who clearly weren’t to happy with this. We went inside and got in an empty never-used classroom as I had closed the door I turned towards him.
“training today?” he asked, I had trouble understanding cause he was talking rather quick.
“Hufflepuff has.”
“yeah but in the afternoon. I’ll go in the evening.”
“two to four”
“ok, anyone in the evening?”
“ Ravenclow.”
“seven to nine.”
“nope, Hufflepuff eight to nine.”
“eight to ten”
“Thursday, Ravenclow”
“eight to ten.”
“Ok” he moved his wand and had it all on paper. “Now, uhm”
“yeah guess, we’re done”
“I was shocked you know.”
“me too actually.” he looked in my eyes “Joan…” I was drowning in his green-grey eyes but I didn’t mind. staying there was bad, but felt good. He approached me carefully, slowly filling the gap between us. When he got close enough I let my hand slide up against his chest, but didn’t push him away. I felt his strong arms wrapping around me ad laid my head an his muscular chest. I couldn’t feel happier, he was strong and this made me feel save in his arms. I couldn’t resist it, this was wonderful, full of happiness I could stand there like that for ever. He moved his head so I looked up at him, one of his hands worked his way up to my neck and he pressed his lips against mine. Then we went back outside.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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8. wonder on further
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