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 2.Important decision

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Important decision

Dumbledore told me I shouldn’t go with the first years, because I had to be introduced to the entire school what so ever. So I followed Ron, Harry and Hermione-Fred and George were vanished-to the great hall.

After the sorting ceremony professor Dumbledore said he had a special announcement to make. “As some of you might have noticed, there’s another new student at Hogwarts this year.” He smiled at me:”I see she’s already sitting at Gryffindor the table. Please, miss Dhanes, come over here” he said cheerful. I felt my heart beating into my throat, as I stood up walked to professor Dumbledore. The great hall was very silent and I felt everybody looking at me. “Well”, said Albus:” This, my dears, is Joan Dhanes, she has moved to England and now comes to Hogwarts. Because not all school systems are the same, Joan has no idea in which house or year she should follow classes. We all know of course there is an answer to everything. So today we’ll give a special dedication to our beloved sorting hat!” he replied for the entire hall. “If you will, Joan” he softly pushed me towards professor McGonagall. I went sat down on the little crutch and she placed the hat upon my head. ”Well well” this one replied” hmm let’s see... as house we’ll have… GRYFFINDOR!!!”
The entire Gryffindor house yelled.
“Then for your classes. Hmm let’s start with potions…”
After sitting half an hour under the hat my nerves were cooled down and I could eat normally. “This is great”, Hermione said: "We’ll have potions and defence against the dark arts together!” “Yeah well, she’ll have all the rest with us.” Fred smiled, daring to Hermione.
The next morning professor McGonagall brought their hours planning. “Pff I’m going to get lost!” I said desperately. “No problem we’ll al help you!”
“What do we start with...?”
“HA”, George said”your first class is with us“
“As is your second!” said Fred. This resulted in two hours full off fun. Then Fred and George led me to potions. I thanked them and waited for the rest, pretty soon Hermione, Harry and Ron arrived. “Hi, how were your first lessons?” Hermione asked.
“Fun” I replied. And I could see at there faces they hadn’t expected anything else.
The Slytherins arrived, with a blond haired boy ahead. I hated the look upon his face, but his face itself was rather handsome. “Ahh”, he said:”Potter”, he spotted. “I see your friends Weasley here and mud blood Granger are still at your side.” I was a bit overwhelmed, he was a real jerk! “But you’ve got a new girlfriend?” he looked at me: “Dhanes, it was?” I nodded.
“Well well”
“Back off Malfoy”, Ron said. But he didn’t. “Tell me, do you actually hang out with them willingly or because they are the only ones to accept you?” I was shocked for a moment but then I recovered:” Maybe the both of them, these are great people and I very well know that if I had been in Slytherin, I wouldn’t have been accepted that well. Well seeing you makes me realise.” I said. Now Malfoy was a bit overwhelmed. And before he could recover we had to go in. It wasn’t a fun class at all; luckily I’m pretty good at potions, at least at this level.
It felt pretty stupid that the only classes I had with Ron, Harry and Hermione were with Malfoy as well. Not that bad because he’s a totally jackass, but because I keep detecting myself at thinking he actually seemed so sweet and tender.
The other classes of course were so much fun I liked Fred and George, maybe more than I should.
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2.Important decision
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