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 1. The very beginning

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BerichtOnderwerp: 1. The very beginning   wo jan 21, 2009 11:31 pm

I couldn’t help being a bit nervous, I knew there wasn’t going to happen anything bad,
but still…My father and I had spoken to professor Dumbledore, he had told me he’d
look after me and make sure everything would go right, but he also warned me it could
be difficult. After all, not a lot of young wizards changed of school during their school
career. I might even be the first to come to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Now here I was in London, standing in front of the great Hogwarts express. I felt small
and insecure, I’d noticed a lot of people looking at me, which I tried to ignore.

“Hi there”, sounded a friendly voice from behind me:” First year?” she asked friendly.
I looked to a small woman, behind her stood three tall guys and a small girl who all
had nearly red hair. I smiled thankfully as I nodded my head. ”Ah no problem”, she said.
And I saw that two of the tall red-haired boys smiled at each other, I now saw they were
identical twins. I also now saw there was a boy with dark hair, as my look went over his
face I suddenly recognised him: Harry Potter! ”I’m Molly Weasley” the woman continued.
I looked her in the eyes and then turned my eyes down as I said: “Joan Dhanes, nice to
meet you.” She smiled at me, turned a hundred and eighty degrees around as she pointed
at the children behind her:” This is Ginny, Ron, Fred and George and of course Harry.”
“ Yeah one of the twins said, except that I’m George, not Fred!”
“owwhh” Mrs Weasley responded. I noticed they all looked at me before Harry asked me:
“You’re not a first year are you?”
I smiled, “no, I’m not.”
”owh I’m sorry dears, but you’ll have to get on the train now.”, said Mrs Weasley.
A few minutes later I sat in a compartment with Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Ginny and Hermione
, they all wondered who I was of course. After I explained that my father and I had moved,
which caused I had to change of school, Hermione asked which house and year I would be in.
“I don’t know” I confessed. “We’ll see in about an hour, no?”
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1. The very beginning
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