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 [b]2. A year later[/b]

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A year later

Jeff had picked up a normal life, he didn’t work though, he had money enough, he was to hurt by Beth to have a girlfriend and to afraid to have any hobbies. Everyone would have expected him to get on drugs again, but he didn’t, why? Because it all didn’t matter anymore anyway.
He was driving his car, he was on his way to the store, on small, calm roads. He wasn’t driving at high speed when he noticed a horse a bit further on the road. He slowed speed as he got closer. The horse was turning back and forth and rearing up the entire time, it looked as if it was totally mad. Jeff stopped the motor and felt fear for the blond girl that kept herself on the horses back. When his first impression of fear slowly ebbed away, he stared at it, fascinated, the horse now really reared up high, got down and wanted to run, but the girl, who was prepared, kept him in place after a few minutes he stood still and she petted him on his shoulder. Then she looked at Jeff and smiled, “thank” she yelled. Jeff nodded and was astonished to see that the pair proceeded their trip…she didn’t turn back. Jeff started the motor when they were out of sight and proceeded his own trip. When he got back home he realised he was still thinking of the horse and its rider. He got back in the car and drove back to the place where they’d met. He drove in the direction they’d been coming of and followed some calm streets until he passed pastures, lots of pastures and saw a ranch, he drove towards it. When he got on the parking and out of the car he was overwhelmed by what he saw, the pastures reached as far as you eye could spot and the stables must haven been enough for two hundred horses. He though knew he was right, when he recognised the horse.

“Can I help you sir?” A voice asked Jeff attention. A man in a shirt of the ranch smiled at him. He had a hat on, but didn’t seem to recognise Jeff, which slapped Him again “uh” he swallowed “yeah, I looking for someone, that I think works here or owns a horse here.”
“uh..ok, do you have a name?”
“uh.. no I’m sorry, but it was a blond girl and she was riding that horse over there.” Jeff pointed at the white horse.
“aha” the man responded, “that can only be one girl…she’s pretty isn’t she?” he asked.
Jeff, who didn't really expected this particular question looked startled. “No I’m not her boyfriend, but you’re not the first one to stop by here. Unless you have a horse that needs to be trained you better leave this property.” Jeff now was shocked by the sudden change of this mans attitude. “Wait a minute” he continued: “”I recognise your face, you haven’t been here before?”
“uhuh no, but I used to…”
“mother sweet Jesus! You’re Jeff Hardy! What in the love of god happened to you, you seemed to be disappeared from this world!”
“never mind that, can I have a picture?”
“sure” Jeff smiled, aware of satisfied feeling he got when the man recognised him.
“come” he said and ran towards the stables, Jeff followed him into a building full of horses. “there sure are lot of people out here” Jeff said. “yeah,uhu.. hoy Jim!” A tall blond guy that was leading a horse to its stable stopped “yeah?”
“have you seen Joan?”
“yeah, she was with some possible costumers about five minutes ago.”
“thanks Jim…c’mon” he said to Jeff. After walking trough some corridors they got outside and walked passed some roundpen. Then they saw a small group off people. “ah Joan!”
“oh hi boss!” and then she turned to the group of people again. “This is M. Rockney, the owner of the ranch.” They greeted and Joan now talked to M. Rockney. “This is the family Poquets, they were interested to bring there horse in training.” Rockney nodded.
“As the matter of fact” M Poquets said. “We have the horse with us and wondered if you could have a look to see if there’s a connection.”
“yeah, sure go get your horse, excellent plan. Uh Joan the first roundpen is free.” The girl nodded. “What exactly is your horse capable of?” she now asked Mrs. Poquets. “Nothing really, we bought her cause they said she’s got good papers, she just turned three.”
“ohw…well I’m afraid you won’t see a lot, but if your interested in knowing, what your horse would be able to, after training, I can show you on horse that is in specific training?”
“that would be lovely!”
“I’ll get a horse too then, ok?” the woman nodded happy. The girl walked towards the stables. “Joan?”
“It’s customers Randy, I’ll meet your friend afterwards.” She whispered. Rockney was a bit shocked and Joan ran to the stables. When she came back, she was on a dark quarter horse and the horse of the people was in the pen. She got of the horse and put one rein on the floor. “stay” she commanded and then got in the pen, as if there was no-one around, but the horse. ‘The horse has a scared look, like me’ Jeff thought and watched how the horse ran round and round the girl. After a while he stopped and looked at the girl, he walked over to her and let her pet his head, neck and shoulders. After a few minutes she’d pet him everywhere and asked his feet. “He’s a nice horse” she said when she clicked the rope back on. “Are you going to hold him while I ride Centure?” the man nodded amazed. And Joan whistled, the dark horse walked towards her and she got on. She walked around and steared the horse with the smallest movement of her hand. She made him trot and gallop in circles, made him stop, rollback and spin, the horse did it al and very natural. Even Jeff, who knew nothing about horses, thought it was beautiful. “so when can we bring him?” Mr. Poquets asked.
“We have a few empty boxes already..” Mr. Rockney started.
“How would you like him? I mean how should he be trained, natural or not, reining, pleasure, barrel, cutting, or plain simply under a saddle?”
“uhm” the man looked at his daughter. “She’d like to ride barrel races, but she’s never done that.”
“See the thing is that if you want a well trained barrel race horse, she’ll be in for about half a year or longer, only able of riding a good barrel race.”
“in the mean time she can learn how to barrel race on our horses, we have a few.”
“yeah dad! Let’s do that!”
“ok he said, he can already stay, right?” Rockney nodded.
“In fact there’s a box free next to Centures, follow me” Joan said and she led the horse back to his stable. The new horse was put in his stable and Joan carried the saddle away, a bit later she came back. The Poquets had just decided the horse would like it there. “Now administrative work, you’ll have to follow me to my desk. Joan, could you introduce Jeff here, please?” Joan nodded. Rockney and the poquets took off and Joan sighed, these are the stables, you’ve passed the pastures and rounpen, over there is a large indoor ring, there’s lot more to see, but that’s of no importance, now I know your friend in there is my boss, but I really need to work on some horses.” She said while walking through the corridors with another saddle and bridle. “uh, that’s not my friend actually” Jeff said. “Do you mind if I watch?” Joan stopped at a stable and for the first time actually looked at Jeff. She frowned, nodded and then focused on grooming and saddling the horse. “yeah ofcourse, you can watch…But...If you don’t know Randy, then why are you here?”
“I saw you riding today, on the street..”
“yeah,ok, but normally, Randy don’t let nobody coming here with that information.” She said while grabbing the single. “Yeah, he wouldn’t, but then he uh, recognised me.”
“so it is true” she now looked at him. “are you him?”
“depends on who you mean with him.”
“Jeff, right?”
“not Hardy though?”
“uh yeah”
“you’re Jeff Hardy?”
“amazing” she said calmly and then grabbed the bridle.
She led the horse out of the stable and Jeff followed. “I thought you were secretly buried somewhere” she said.
“well in a way, I was.” He answered. He watched her riding some horses. Until she said: “well my working day is over.” And smiled. She jumped on a fence and stared at him. “amazing.” She repeated herself. “I’ve heard your name and voice, seen your face, but never would I’ve thought I’d meet you. You see I’m not American..”
“ow, Where are you from then?”
“Ain’t that a little spot near France?”
“yeah, very well!” She smiled. She gave him a good feeling, like she respected him, but didn’t act like a screaming fan, which was a whole relief. “hi Randy!”
“Joan, would you mind taking a picture of me and Jeff?”
“sure” she said and jumped off of the fence. Jeff hadn’t seen Randy coming, but swung his arm round him and smiled at the camera. Randy thankful took the camera and took off. “Would you like to have a drink, so we can talk a little?” Jeff asked, scared like a teenage boy to be refused. “I’d love to” she answered. He smiled and she spotted some relief. “now?”
“uh, I’d have to change, you know I smell like horse.”
“right, uhm, should I pick you up?”
“that would be nice, sure.”
“ok, in about an hour, good?”
“uhm, where do I pick you up?”
“well, I’m staying in the motel at the end of broadwayroad, you know that place.”
“ok, it’s number 29”
“alright, will do”
“ok, see ya then?” she nodded smiling and pointed at a tall black haired woman. “ma cab is awaiting me, see ya”
“ow ok” he said and watched her running to the car, she got in and waved, he raised his hand and then took off to his own car. He went home, took a quick shower, shaved his beard in his own special way, dried his hair and got back in his car. He drove to Broadwayroad and followed it until he reached the motel. He drove on the parking and started looking for 29. When he found it he decided to wait a bit, because he knew women always liked ten minutes more time. A few minutes later he found himself wondering what he was actually doing, because it all went so quick he hadn’t thought it over yet. Not willing to indeed think of it, he got out of his car, towards the door. “KNOCK KNOCK”
“coming!” A few seconds later she opened the door, “ow hi Jeff!”
“hi” he said, a bit overwhelmed by the change of look. She’d worn a top and old pair of jeans with boots, now she wore a casual dress, but looked terrific. They got in the car and drove off the parking. “Can I ask you something, Jeff?” he was afraid for what was coming and thought of the rearing horse, she wouldn’t understand, but he answered. “sure”
“Why were you on the ranch?” Jeff startled, this wasn’t the question he’d expected, but it came down to the very same point. “Well” he started “You know I had to quit wrestling right?”
“I knew you had to recover…”
“well.. A lot happened and the past year, I’ve gotten scared, I’ve never known fear, but so many things went wrong and..”
“ok” he was extremely happy she didn’t need those details and helped him out by stopping him there. “When I saw you with that horse I saw no fear, I saw struggle, courage and above all fun, you were amusing yourself with something most people are scared off…for me at that moment it was extreme, I thought off it whole day and realised I’d need to talk to you.”
“waw…scared, Jeff” He looked at her. “For what?”
“uhm, well I…a lot happened..”
“I’d say, I understand and it’s none of my business, but I think a lot off it is no secret to the world…but that’s fear for losing people…not for taking jumps. Those jumps are the thing that gave you the people…Why would you be afraid of them?”
“uh” Jeff once again startled because off how good she understood. “I..don’t know”
“ok…fair enough, would you like to make a comeback?”
“well…actually somewhere deep down, it think I do…”
“uhu, then you should.”
“what? Want me to help ya? It’s not that hard, Jeff, sure I’m no wrestler, but I’m sure it isn’t!”
“Let’s start with getting you relaxed, ok? Relaxed and happier.” She smiled. And he had to commit she was most probably right. He didn’t want to commit it, but she already had a positive influence on him, as if she gave her a peace of her energy. All of the sudden he didn’t feel like sitting in a café. “Joan…Would you like to go to my place, eat there and ….get me better?” he asked while staring at the road. “You know train me again?”
“train you again?”
“yeah, I’ve got this little ring at home…and loads of things to get over fear…you’re right, I should!”
“Wow, never thought, it’d be that easy!” she smiled. “let’s go!”
“yeah, me neither” he smiled, getting happy with the thought he was going to, after a year, nobody still expected him. They arrived and went inside. “You know, I’m not a terrible cook!” he said, she smiled. “So this is where you live..small difference”
he laughed. “Why are you in that motel, actually?”
“Well, cause I’m from Belgium…I’m only in America for two weeks, but the people on the ranch apparently have a lot of confidence in me… I’m staying for three months then it depends on what my boss and the government decide, whether I can come back for a few months again or not…So I try my very best, if I’m good I’ll probably can stay…I think my boss already decided…but the government..”
“hmm…Are you staying in the motel for three months?”
“think I’ll have to” she smiled. “no worries, it’s quite cool.” Jeff was just about to answer when the bell rang, Jeff looked up, pretty surprised. “excuse me” he said and got up to get the door. “Matt?! What are you doing here?” Joan didn’t understand the answer, but a few seconds later, the older hardy brother looked at her. “hello?!” Matt looked at Jeff, confused, but happy, “who’s this?”
“this is Joan, I met her today.” Joan got up “hi” she said. “hi, I’m Matt”
“uhu” Joan nodded, “I know” and then she smiled. Joan and Matt sat down, but Jeff went towards the kitchen, staying for dinner, Matt?”
“no I don’t want to int..”
“actually it might be good you do stay..”
“…well, ok then, yeah.” Jeff disappeared in his kitchen and Joan explained who she was and where she came from. “fascinating.” Matt answered and at that moment Jeff came inside. “You should have seen her on the horse...THAT was fascinating!” He said. Matt smiled and looked at Joan, “you have a horse off your own?” Jeff startled, he didn’t know… Joan smiled and nodded, “yes an appaloosa mare, she’s in the stables too.”
“got a picture?” Joan nodded and reached for her purse, she took her wallet and gave Matt two pictures. One of a rearing horse and one off the same horse with Joan laying on her back.
“nice” Matt smiled and gave the pictures to Jeff. Jeff didn’t say anything, as much as he like it, it confronted him also. Joan understood and smiled at him she put the photo’s away and Jeff ran to the kitchen. Joan watched him disappearing through the door and then looked at Matt, cause he began to talk: “Say, if you’re from Belgium…Do you know anything about…us?” Joan nodded and smiled, “in a very weird way I do, I used to watch you on youtube” she laughed.
“You liked it?”
“Well I thought it was viscous at first, but…at a certain moment that changed, for instance if Jeff does one off tricks with no fear, I worship that, a lot. If a guy like mysterio keeps on spinning over a mans body, I worship that…funny maybe but…”
“You a fan of Jeffs?”
“well, I don’t know when are you considered a fan? I didn’t buy towel with Jeffs face so I could wrap him round me, nor did I kiss pictures of him…” Matt laughed. Jeff who was putting plates on the table looked up and smiled, things were going to change…

A bit later Jeff called for Matt and Joan, dinner was ready. The meal was delicious and Joan enjoyed every piece of it. “Jeff, that was amazing, thank you!”
“he uh thanks?” Jeff giggled. And Matt looked up, it was a long time ago since he’d seen his brother happy. After dinner Jeff told Matt that Joan inspired him to make a comeback. Matt looked happy, though somehow disappointed, he never gotten his brother that far. Jeff and Joan tried to explain why they thought Jeffs head was all messed up and how they could possibly fix it. Matt was excited at the end, “How long have you guys been hanging out?”
Jeff glared over at his watch and replied: “six hours” Matt stared form the one to the other and the without releasing a breath said: “unbelievable, and you already know each other that well?” Joan laughed, “no we don’t! It’s just understanding and comprehending.”
“yeah..right wathever, I’m glad you guys met what so ever.”
“so am I” Jeff smiled.. “time to go or what?”
“alright!” Joan answered enthusiastic. They got up and went to the back of the almost oversized house. They entered a room which had a cosine floor and a ring in the middle. Jeff glared at a corner where stood a chair.. on that chair laid his practice clothes, he’d held them, but not worn them for over a year. It was time. Jeff and Matt both changed and run round the room to warm up their muscles then they got in the ring and stretched. “So I’d say we take it easy?” Jeff said Matt smiled. “ok bro! Let’s play a game!” But then both Matt and Joan spotted the doubt on Jeffs face, so Joan intervened. “You know, Matt you’re a professional wrestler, that’s not quiet an easy start…I on the other hand never stepped in a ring.”
“you want to fight me?” Joan shrugged “fight” she repeated, it’s just to get you going, I should be fine. Matt jumped out of the ring and gave Joan a hardyboyz t-shirt and a short that was way to big for Joan, with one of Jeffs colourful belt they were finally ready. They then played a couple of matches using mostly stunning feints.
Then they had one little match and both the hardy boys were surprised of her agility and speed, she also was quiet strong, Joan shrugged at there amazement and decided it was time to get back to her motel, since she had to go to work the day afterwards. Matt also went home and Jeff brought Joan to her motel. He stopped the car at the parking and looked at Joan, “thank you” he said. She smiled, “thank YOU!”
“we’ll meet again?”
Joan nodded: “I’m quiet sure we will!” and with those words she got out off the car, she waved and walked to her room.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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[b]2. A year later[/b]
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