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 [b]1. getting down and under[/b]

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Getting down and under

He was hurt, his leg and neck ached, but there was nothing to do. One kick and it was over…he had lost, his career would stop, like this…No, he’d recover and come back. Long had told him he was to important for the fans to get fired. The goodbye was hard for him, but also for the fans, sadly enough Punk wasn’t pleased with victory alone. He had always humiliated Jeff, even now when he was emotionally en physically hurt, Cm Punk couldn’t resist it. Filled with pain in every muscle in every bone, but more in his heart. He was lifted on a stretcher, he didn’t recognise the face of his brother, who kept calling his name, he couldn’t even look at his fans. He was Jeff Hardy and it was the first time he wasn’t able to greet his fans when leaving on a stretcher, the first time at his last match.
Rushed into a hospital the doctors cursed him for getting in the fight even though he could go home a few days later. The doctors had told him not to fight, his body couldn't keep up with him He felt miserable to the bone like never before, the need for the meds, he’d sworn off so long, became extremely strong. Cm Punk had pointed out Jeff’s history as an addict, but Jeff knew he’d been clean for over a year. He’d done it, but now for the first time he felt a need to grab back. He decided to go over to Shannons house, his friend’s girlfriend still was on drugs. Shannon looked worried when Jeff asked him for drugs, but didn’t ask any questions, he knew it wouldn’t matter. Jeff got what he asked for and returned home, halfway the road he pulled over and glared over to the bag of cocaine on the passenger seat. A hollow feeling in his stomach told him it was good, but somehow it would be wrong, he realised. He’d be what Punk told his fans, they’d feel betrayed, lied to…He canted his head against the seat he sighed and grabbed his phone.
“Shannon? Hi It’s Jeff”
“o hi Jeff, you a’right?”
“no” he moaned
“What’s the matter?”
“I want to bring it back, I..”
“Ok, good Jeff, good, but we just left home, I’ll sent a friend to your place.”
“o ok, where are you?”
“at croasbayroad”
“ok, I’ll sent him there” Jeff nodded and swallowed. Shannon hung up and Jeff closed his eyes. Shannon had sounded relieved, he didn’t try to stop him, but was happy when Jeff stopped himself. That must have been the first time in Jeff’s entire life, he smiled realising that he’d decided something good without anybody’s help. This gave him fresh courage to start recovering. A car pulled over and Jeff got out of the car. “Hardy?” a voice asked.
“good, I’m Shannons bro”
“a’right” they shook hands out of politeness. Then walked to his car and delivered the package to the man who got in the car and took off. Jeff stared at the car, sighed again and got in the car. At the moment he turned the key in the contact he heard a serene. Jeff startled and panicked a little when they stopped and came to his car. “get out of the car with you hands on your head.”
“shit” he whispered. He got out, hands on his head. “I didn’t do anything, I..” he started when they searched him and his car. “Jeff Hardy, you’re under arrest for suspected illegal drug dealing. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.” He was pushed in the police car and felt sad and stupid. For this once he decides to do the good thing and he gets rewarded by accusation of dealing..terrific.
His pictures were taken and even before he was in his cell, people all over the world were told that Jeff Hardy was a drug dealer and a liar. The next morning he got to go home, but the next week he’d go to trial. There wasn’t anything that could cheer him for the rest of his live he thought. When he got home Beth looked up, her eyes were wet. He actually didn’t want anything but lay down and stay there, instead he walked over to her. “Beth..” he started wanting to put his arm around her, but she jumped away. “eleven years, Jeff” she said sobbing, “eleven years we’ve been together, why don’t I know this? What else don’t I know?”
“Beth, it’s not true, let me explain!”
“Liar! I’ve seen the tape!”
“yes, the police has got it on tape, Jeff, so there’s no doubt you’re going to jail.” As if a rock fell through his stomach. “but..” he murmured. The bell rang and Beth quickly dried her eyes, running to the door. “Is he here?” Matt’s voice sounded.
“What in the..?” Matt started, but when Jeff didn’t even look up he turned at Beth, “he’s not on anything now is he?”
“Ow c’mon, Matt!” Jeff said. “I’ve been clean for over a year!” he looked directly at his brother and continued “I wanted to, went to get it at Shannons, but decided I couldn’t. Shannon already left the house, so a friend picked it up.” He turned down his eyes and sighed, “of course it seemed wrong.”
“Well if Shannon confirms your story in court..”
“he won’t, or he goes to jail.” Matt sighed: “I’m going to talk to him.”

A week later Jeff sat in court, Beth wasn’t there, she couldn’t handle it anymore, in eleven years, they’d never had these moments of complete silence. She was confused, but he was to depressed to convince her, which got her depressed. Shannon agreed in witnessing and after a few days of trial they both got out. Shannon had to pay a little for possessing to much drugs, but that was it. Jeff was relieved, but on the other hand Cm Punk had told the entire world his story and Jeff didn’t feel the strength to go up there and tell otherwise…yet, besides, he was still recovering. When he came home Beth sat crying, he wanted to go towards her and tell her all was fine, but it wasn’t, cause Jeff was struggling with more then this. If he lost his fans, he was over, but like this he couldn’t keep his fans. “what’s wrong” he forced over his lips. She looked up, “my mum” she said. Jeff felt guilty for thinking wrong. “What’s wrong?” he now asked more concerned. “she...she’s in the hospital, she was under to much stress, her heart…She called me on the phone a few days back, to know what was true and wasn’t in the news about you.” Jeff felt a bit angry, they were blaming him.. “The doctors said she won’t make it, she’s concisions, but not for long anymore.
“You want to go there?”
“I’m already back” the surprise got to him in a way he couldn’t place or describe.
“she started talking about dad and how he died to young…She..”
Jeff took her hand, but she pulled it away. “She told me I get their house, Jeff”
“what, but why..?”
“I think you also noticed that we’re not what we’re supposed to be, Jeff. We barely spoke in a week and before that..”
“What? Beth, it’s this week! I’m back from court and I’m proven innocent, Beth! C’mon”
“Jeff, it’s more then this, that’s the drup, I like you, Jeff, but you keep acting like a 24 years old kid…I’m not like that, I want to be 30, it’s impossible”
“Don’t try, Jeff, I’ve thought this trough for over half a year.”
“I’m moving tomorrow” she stood up and went upstairs to go pack. Jeff sat in the coach and stared at the fireplace. Everything he’d known the past decade was changing in only a of week time…He felt lost and desperate, he’d never been in a situation like any of these, sure life gets rough, but this is plain unfair as if somebody out there was out to mentally destroy him.
An hour later Beth came down and went to the kitchen, Jeff still sat in the coach, still staring at the fireplace, trying to figure out, what he’d done to make it al go wrong like this. He thought about his entire life and every slap in the face he’d had, he’d had many slaps, but never punches like this...What will he do, what should or could he do?
Beth put plates on the table and then served food on two plates. “Jeff?” He felt how an angry beast inside of him woke, she told him that after ten years of a relationship, she’d became doubtful and now wanted to leave…tomorrow, but for the rest of it everything was normal, she made dinner and called him to eat it. He was angry, but sad, confused and let down, he didn’t quite know how to express all of it so he just kept sitting silent and stared at the fireplace. Beth sat down and started to eat. ‘How can she eat?’ he thought ‘How can she act so freaking normal.’
“Jeff?...Jeff ..Jeff!”
“what” he said on an easy soft tone, without looking up.
“I…I’m sorry, I didn’t want to tell it, but I’m becoming uncomfortable..” Jeff looked at her with one eyebrow raised. “I….” she sighed “I’ve…I’ve been…there’s another reason for leaving…” she looked at him, he still didn’t move, but looked at her, one eyebrow raised. “I…I’ve been seeing someone.” She quickly said and looked at her plate, but when there came no reaction, she looked back up at Jeff, who was staring at the fireplace again. He was struggling with emotions and feelings in his head and she’s just strengthened some and added a new. He felt stupid for not noticing or knowing. Beth now continued, more to clear her concisions then because he asked for it. “He lives in the apartment across the street at my mum’s, He’s…I’ve…We met two years ago.”
The shock was to hard to look back her, but he closed his eyes. His elbows rested on his knees his head canted forward now, so he faced the floor.
“Jeff, I’m sorry…please talk to me”
“You’ ve been seeing someone for two years, but stayed my ‘girlfriend’ because I’m rich and famous, but I have to be ok with all this, right? I’m only a junk, right? A freak, who cares what I do, bet this friend of yours is real glad, he got Jeff Hardy’s girl, how much money are ya gonna take, beth?” he said calmly and then looked up to her, whit a steady expression on his face. “No, Jeff that’s not how it..”
“Don’t even bother, Beth, remember, I won’t believe you, you didn’t believe me either and since our last two years have been lie…”
“Jeff..” The bell rang and Jeff, now for the first time in two hours moved more then his head. He got up en opened the door. “HI there, Jeff”
“Matt” He nodded and let Matt in. “Hi, Beth” she smiled. ‘Hypocrite’ Jeff though, but didn’t say it. “Did you already eat, Matt?”
“uh, no actually.” Jeff gave his plate to Matt. “It is save that he eat it, right? He won’t drop dead?” he then added towards Beth. Beth startled and also got a little scared when a confused Matt asked: “What?” Jeff sat down. “Jeff you should eat” Beth said, but he ignored her, “how are you?” he asked Matt.
“Fine, but what’s going on here?” Jeff just stared into his brothers eyes, who spotted the anger and sadness, so he looked at Beth “What happened?” Beth became uncomfortable and without looking up she mumbled “My mum is in the hospital” Jeffs left corner of his mouth raised and he said: “I won’t be welcome at the funeral either will I?”
Jeff turned his head towards his brother. “Her mum’s dying and blames me for it. Beth here has had another relationship for two years, but stayed here for glory and money, now that I got arrested however she don’t need me no more and if her mum dies she gets to live the with prince charming”
“Jeff…” Matt was shocked and looked at Beth, she turned down her eyes: “It’s not like that..”
“tell you what Beth, don’t wait until tomorrow morning, leave tonight, but tell me first how much did you take with you already?”
“Nothing, Jeff, nothing and I can’t, I can only get to a key tomorrow.” Jeffs eyebrows raised, the guts! “Well then go over to charming, I’ve heard enough, you’ve got two hours.”
Matt, who’d never expected anything could go wrong between his brother and his girlfriend, was shocked, not only for what she’d done, but also for Jeff’s reaction, it got him worried. An hour and a half later all Beth’s thing were in her car. She got her credit card of there common bank count, which was all his money. “I’m sorry” she whispered to Matt, who shook his head.
“Jeff” she said and she walked over to him. “I..”
“shut up” he said, she looked shocked, “you’ve chosen the worst timing ever, Beth, don’t think I’ll only have you to grieve upon.” Her eyes got wet, “I..”
“get in the car, Beth.” Matt said and so she did. As she drove off the brothers went back inside. They sat at the table and sat there a while then all of the sudden Jeff started to cry. Matt embraced his brother. They didn’t need any words, it was to much for Jeff, to much at short notice. Maybe he took a risk to much, the world what so ever collapsed for Jeff Hardy, so he knew from that moment on, he’d never find back the spirit to go wrestling again, to take risks and be immune to fear. Jeff Hardy as everyone knew him changed during the following year, he got afraid. All risks were to great and happiness was far in the past. He recovered from his injuries, but didn’t even train, didn’t dirtbike no more and even on the ‘Hardyshow’ he became less important. Teddy Long, manager of RAW asked him to sign a new contract, but Jeff refused, WWE got a punch in the head, but not as hard as Jeff himself.


-She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.
-May the sun rise in you heart and you spirit run free.
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[b]1. getting down and under[/b]
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